Hey extremebros, what is with skateboarders?

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Big Dooky
I was shredding past a skatepark the other day and thought I would check it out. The skatepark kids said "fruit boots" weren't alowed in. They also said I couldn't wear my compression shorts "because they made me look gay".

I'm a patient man but they pushed me too far. I gave them a piece of my mind, of course they just laughed. Then I probably went a little too far, I gave them all the bird and mooned them as I rolled out of the park. That shut them up and would have been perfect but then I (embarrased) bumped into the edge of the fence and fell with my shorts still around my ankles.

Needless to say I got out of there in a hurry and didn't slow down until I couldn't hear their hooting any more. Has anyone had experiences like this? I always asumed we were welcome to shred with our skateboarder cousins. We are both extreme sports. What gives?  

28 Jun 2006 03:12
i find inlining to be pretty nerdy, and wut is it with all inliners and their ass always hanging out of their pants  

28 Jun 2006 19:51
Big Dooky
What is nerdy about it? You have never seen me shredding around. And for your information I don't wear baggy pants when I ride. My biking shorts work just fine and help me go faster. Less wind resistance = more speeeeeeed!!!!!


I think you must be scared to try it.  

29 Jun 2006 03:20
i tried it once and it was fucking gay, and i felt like a loser  

29 Jun 2006 03:30
well i for one have great respect for inliners..i actually cheer inliners on and i'm a skater  

29 Jun 2006 04:45
Big Dooky
Thanks dubl_a_ron. Nice to know at least one skateboader appreciates the radicalness of us roller bladers. Yes, we are an extreme sport too. Can you say xgames? Hello! I know.

I'm off to Starbucks and then the bike path to shred. Catch you out there!  

29 Jun 2006 21:35
there arent enough tricks in inline, its the same crap over and over. but someimtes inline on vert is pretty cool, with all those flips and shit.  

03 Jul 2006 21:13
did he say shred?wtf?!?!?!  

12 Jul 2006 21:16
thats the inline lingo for ya lol  

15 Jul 2006 22:11
weird its like 70's  

15 Jul 2006 23:03

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