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"What size board should you rent?"

This is EASY to answer - though I could never get it when I started (i'm on about my 5th lesson - luckily found the right place by accident).

* The bigger board you start on the easier it will be. Therefore a Mal or mini-mal is good to rent. I am a big guy and use a 10ft "fullboard". Broader and thicker it is the better - too. You want stability to get more time on your feet.

* A soft one is nice for the first few times (you'll be spending more time flat on the board, and/or hitting the board than standing on it if you're anything like me!). the fullboard comes with a squishy top that makes it less painful to fall off.

* Triple fin is nice if you can get it - but it doesn't makea lot of difference if you've never surfed before - thick wide long boards is what you're after, not turning performance.

* Renting this type of board, you can usually pare down as you get used to it.

If you have used a smaller thruster before and can stand up easily disregard what I said.  

18 Dec 2003 13:34
yeah i agreee with the longboard... padded are good id recomend BZ because i know that they are good from experience but if u cant get a padded board a regular longboard should be fine... the size u start on really depends on ur height  

30 Dec 2003 19:59

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