trouble with x-ups

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Lawrence BOY!
hi im having trouble with x-ups. see i can do these out of small hips but i cant do them out of a 7' quarter. i spin to my left and i cant seem to turn the bars in the right direction. the way i learned to turn my bars messed me up because they keep hitting my knees :confused: just give some of you advise  

02 Jul 2006 09:22
if you have long bars try cutting them down  

02 Jul 2006 11:58
dont cut them too short tho, cuz if you cut them too short you will have the same difficulty  

02 Jul 2006 20:09
how will if you cut them 2 short hurt ur knees?  

03 Jul 2006 00:40
im saying it will be the same difficulty to turn your bars in a full x-up  

03 Jul 2006 01:02
who said anything about knees crazy person?  

03 Jul 2006 04:37
who knows hes an idiot no0b  

03 Jul 2006 04:42
heyyy, didnt you say you live in winnipeg?  

03 Jul 2006 21:08
Just take ur knees out of the way thats what i did if that doesnt help u u might need a bigger frame or smaller handlebars  

08 Jul 2006 21:29

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