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Who's seen it. We went to see it last night. Talk about a drawn out ending! I like the battle scenes. I do think the last half hour I kept thinking its time to end. My girlfriend is more into the story since she read the books and she loved it.  

21 Dec 2003 13:43
I saw it!!!yesterday!!!! it's great i think that the first LOTR was like setting the scene if u like, and the 2nd LOTR was better, the third is alike the 2nd in my opinion.....it's better aswell probably..  

21 Dec 2003 17:44
U know in the second film; Two Towers, Gimli and Legolas are funny when they're counting how many ORCSES (lol) they've killed... i like it in the 3rd when they're fighting and legolas takes down a massive beats with loadsa bad guys on it... and gimli says; "That still only counts as one!"

ah ha ha ha  

21 Dec 2003 18:08
Oh shit... I was going to post the 600th topic... You beat me to it Bacardi! :twisted:

actually that scene in The Two Towers's irritated me... but this one was pretty funny IMO... Overall all, I'd say it was a damn good flick (better than the first 2) 8)  

21 Dec 2003 18:12
are you joking about the 600th post cos i havnt posted much beore or what? :? im confused

ive only been posting here since yesterday lol i think so neway.............  

21 Dec 2003 18:14
I was kidding man... you see there's a post counter on top of the index page... when I logged in it was showing 599...  

21 Dec 2003 18:18
OO... i got confused Cha'mone... i'm a crazy mutha fucka HEE HEEE!  

21 Dec 2003 18:23
Nevermind crazy mutha fucka... t'was a joke... :D  

21 Dec 2003 18:30
i don't get it


22 Dec 2003 12:09
lol :lol:  

12 Feb 2004 23:44

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