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is it bad or good or weird or whatever that my back wheel is bigger than my front one?  

11 Jul 2006 06:12
its usually like that for mountain bikes or trails. its not weird, just used for balance and traction.  

11 Jul 2006 06:14

Your wheels should be the same size no matter what.

16" goes with 16"
20" goes with 20"
24" goes with 24"
26" goes with 26"  

11 Jul 2006 06:32
ok but me back wheel looks bigger ..i'll measure the rims later and tell you  

11 Jul 2006 21:13
ok i found out the the rims where 16 inch each but the tire ont the front is 2 inches but on the backs its 1 and 1/ this good bad or doesnt it matter  

12 Jul 2006 01:56

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