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how long did it take before you got used to riding on a skateboard, I just started a couple weeks ago and I'm still adjusting to it.  

14 Jul 2006 11:16
1 day and i was on it for about14 hours of that day  

14 Jul 2006 18:18
If you are having trouble staying on your board it could be your trucks. You could try to tighten or loosen them to your likeing.  

14 Jul 2006 19:35
i keep mine on the tighter side  

14 Jul 2006 20:05
it took me 2 years to ollie a curb...and a year after that i can heelflip up a curb and go 22 miles an hour down the bridge to singer island in west palm beach florida...true story, that was awesome. i was there for my grandmothers funeral a couple weeks ago.  

15 Jul 2006 00:47
i'm sorry that your grandma died  

15 Jul 2006 03:00
ive only met her twice that i can remember, she was here another time after i was born, but i cant remember it. it was more for my dad then anything else...i didnt feel sad or snything cause i hardly knew her. my dad was in pretty bad shape though.

EDIT: and we kinda "cheered up" after the viewing/wake though with fireworks. that was a lot of fun. cause the gay wads in md made it illegal. i shot roman candles at a stack of beach chairs.  

15 Jul 2006 04:33
we just shot some roman candles at random people and under cop cars and shit it was fun  

15 Jul 2006 07:37
fireworks are legal in wisconsin?  

16 Jul 2006 01:12
in most places no..we get em from iowa  

16 Jul 2006 06:11
oh well, then thats another reason wi sucks  

16 Jul 2006 08:49
yep i had something for the usa that no else has but i forgot what it was..i was firing off smoke bombs under car and shit and at this construcyion site its was fucking hilarious  

16 Jul 2006 18:46
smoke bombs arent fireworks, even i can use those in md. smoke bombs and sparklers are the only thing useable  

16 Jul 2006 19:59
in the city here its not legal lol
but the cops just dont give a shit  

16 Jul 2006 20:12
the worst the police can do is take away your fireworks. and if someone calls in a disturbance, they can give you a  

16 Jul 2006 20:13
i live around 3 cops and they dont do anything to us because i mow there lawns  

16 Jul 2006 20:16
haha, you mexican  

16 Jul 2006 20:27
no i'm polish lol  

16 Jul 2006 22:38
then you mow lawns because you have no money.

and i was tlaking to my german friend...i lmao, she said fireworks from poland are illegal in germany because theyre "low quality". i thought all the jokes about poor polish people were teasing them from something that happened a long time ago. like hitler  

18 Jul 2006 21:30
haha lol my grandpa was poor and thats where i am polish from...i am a litlle japenese how ironic is that  

18 Jul 2006 22:31
idk if i can even name a city in poland...krakow...and?  

18 Jul 2006 23:58
i have no idea..poland city lol  

19 Jul 2006 01:20
warsaw...and hitler camp. no one knows. because they have no money.  

19 Jul 2006 22:53
its funny to see full fledge polish people to dance to polka lol  

20 Jul 2006 00:02
i hate that music they dance to.  

20 Jul 2006 01:12
me too but polish fest is fun..i have been there imagine more than a 1000 drunk dancing polish people loads of fun..screw with security all the time big fun  

20 Jul 2006 01:24
you can screw with security without polishfest. i dont do it though, i mess with cars. i took a razor blade and wrote "fuck" on someones car

lmao, i got an idea. ill mess with peoples cars and paint, and leave your business card.  

22 Jul 2006 03:05
ok my cousin calls the security to a different area and i steal the carts and shit so fucking fun  

22 Jul 2006 05:46

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