Mini Ramp Plans?

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I want to build a mini ramp about 3ft. high. and about 6 ft. long. Not a big mini ramp. Just a very small one considering it is going to be in my basement. Can anybody send me a link with some really good ramp plans, that include what to buy, and is relatively cheap. I can;t find any. Thanks

16 Jul 2006 19:16
its a 4 foot but they arnt hard to change i messed up so i had to make it a 2 and a half foot but i like make sure the 2x4's are strait not bent...use deck screws you dont need treated wood if it in a base ment  

16 Jul 2006 20:15
try the search tab on this forum. i think youll find it very helpful  

16 Jul 2006 20:28
in the archives?  

16 Jul 2006 22:38
there are a lot of threads on ramp plans  

18 Jul 2006 21:31

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