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does ANYBODY know the tab for g#? i cant find it anywhere, and i need it for a song im working on.  

16 Jul 2006 20:03
g minor or g magor?  

16 Jul 2006 20:19
its g sharp  

16 Jul 2006 20:23
i'll ask my guitar teacher  

16 Jul 2006 20:24
thanks, its not in my book and my other friend teacher didnt know either.  

16 Jul 2006 20:26
i will be seeing him on wednesday  

16 Jul 2006 22:37
Who the fuck needs scales?

Shit man, just fucking power chord and pinch harmonic all the time. Throw in some vibrato's and 1/2 and full bends, you'll make some awsome stuff(lol).

Maybe even tremelo pick.

Do you even know what the fuck I just said?  

17 Jul 2006 00:21
yeah, ive got a poster with all the power chords, theyre pretty cool. but g# just sounds better then g, or g5, or g7.  

18 Jul 2006 21:17
ok, i did more and more research and i found you G# is the same as A flat. which is an easier chord to find, ive got it now.  

22 Jul 2006 03:09

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