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this year x games is going to have an all new bmx event that can be seen on espn ppv on 8/6...its supposed to be pretty cool, never been done before and hey, its a medal event so it could get pretty competitive  

19 Jul 2006 18:42

19 Jul 2006 20:02
Flatland, street, park, vert, dirt, racing/downhill has all been done, and there is no other form of BMX out there.  

19 Jul 2006 21:17
maybe itll be bmx mega ramp, like they did for skateboards. vert, street, and mega ramp are the three skateboard disciplines now  

19 Jul 2006 22:48
Bike mega-ramp...I doubt that. Bikes can fly too far and doing a trick on a bike with that height and speed is insane.  

19 Jul 2006 22:50
Yea That would be insane to watch a guy about 100ft In the air on a bike......Just imagine what it would be like to do it.Hopefully there is a bmx mega ramp.  

20 Jul 2006 03:09
I've seen bike big air jumps before. Done a 62' one myself and that was just fucking idiotic of me.

The speed that needs to be gained to clear just 50' is crazy because if you crash, even just sliding out, you ahve that 20-35lb chunk of steel, plastic, and rubber with you.

Doing anything more then a table or flattie over 40'+ is stupid.  

20 Jul 2006 03:16
i saw a vid on this guy being towed by car goes up a 30 foot ramp and he was trying to jump onto a 2 story house or whatever and hefell short and just dropped 2 storys its all over the internet  

20 Jul 2006 03:16
The mountain bike guy who 50/50'd the roof and got the 9" gash on his leg?  

20 Jul 2006 03:25
i dont thinks so but he was towed by a white van  

20 Jul 2006 04:28
ive seen that video too and its really old.

i saw a guy backflip the short gap on the x games mega ramp last year on a bike.

they said doing 75' jumps on skateboards was insane, when it started. now all the vert skaters have done it. could be possible on a bike.  

21 Jul 2006 00:19
yes but it wouldnt be smart...make it interesting thought  

21 Jul 2006 01:58

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