Grind wheels any good?

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My mate's brother is a realy good skater, he can back/frontflip and he has these [i]'grind wheels' [/i]which are just smaller wheels to normal ones so that there is a bigger area on the grind plate to slide along on... i was wondering if anyone uses these type of wheel, (or if they are simply smaller wheels that you can use in the middle instead of bigger sized :?) if so, are they any good and do they work better


22 Dec 2003 16:17
they are good if you like to grind rails because you have space but if you dont like doing rail you should not buy them
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02 Jan 2004 15:30
i dont get grind wheels i can grind just as well without them!!! :!:  

22 Jan 2004 14:00
For grinds like a frontside grind you have more space in your H blocks. I'm riding them and i find them great. Plus when you buy new bearings, it costs less because ther anti-rockers (The small wheels) don't really need to spin so you online need 8 good bearings.

- Deshi  

27 Jan 2004 15:49
the little wheels are called anti-rockers for me personally i like the juice blocks. juice blocks are the thinks on ur frames instead of the middle wheels but they look wavy from the side. i dont think anti-rockers help THAT much but i like the juice blocks a lot better. some people dont even bother and just take out the wheels and leave nothing i used to do that but juice blocks are better i think  

17 Sep 2004 03:26

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