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last summer i went to woodward and barcelona. that was fun, but this summer its different. im going to rob dyrdeks skate plaza in kettering, burnside in portland, and fdr park in philly.

i also might stop by love park for memories.  

23 Jul 2006 02:05
sounds pretty sweet i wish i could go to all those places  

23 Jul 2006 06:35
i wish i had a ride to...hey theres this bus where i used to live thats only like 2000 bucks......we should go buy it and make a tour bus out of it lol  

23 Jul 2006 07:04
i wanna do that so bad with some of my friends  

24 Jul 2006 05:42
yeah, 50 miles of burrito farts, good stuff.  

24 Jul 2006 21:25
i went to pennsylvania with my super bomb fartinf family...12 hour so its not that bad  

24 Jul 2006 21:41
im leaving for the skate plaza and fdr park tomorrow at 9am...i will be seeing you in 8 days if i cant help it!!  

28 Jul 2006 19:50
lucky bitch lol  

28 Jul 2006 21:26
whos he going with anyway  

28 Jul 2006 22:13
i had to go with my parents which sucked...

the skate plaza is way better then any skate park youve been to, everyone needs to go there. and skatopia...its alright.  

05 Aug 2006 22:21
wheres the skate plaza  

06 Aug 2006 00:57
its in kettering, ohio off of east stroop road.  

06 Aug 2006 03:29

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