how to land switch on a steep hill

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Hey people i need some help. I have a pretty big cliff near my house ive been riding and the landing is quite steep. I cant seem to stick my 180(im landin 3s off of it its this landin switch which is killing me) n e one have tricks to land switch on a steep hill?  

23 Dec 2003 00:29
:shock: ur a dickhead! its the same fuckin things as landing a normal 180 on any landing  

23 Dec 2003 02:43
fuck off no its not.. its super super steep and i fall right on my ass when i do it  

23 Dec 2003 20:35
when stress how really steep it is, u should include the degrees or something. anyway, landing switch on steep hills is kinda hard. but if ur doin 180s its not too bad, suck up ur knees when u do the 180 that way u get full rotation, and lean farther back then u think u need to, especially if theres fresh pow in the landing.  

26 Dec 2003 01:58
right after you pull the 180 try to see how your landins gona look likeget it on video tape or somethin and see what you need to work on

boarder-x :twisted:  

25 Jan 2004 19:05

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