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hey whats youlls highest ollie mine 3ft 3in  

02 Aug 2006 02:03
4 decks interlocked, if u know wut that is  

02 Aug 2006 02:37
damn dude lol thats awsome  

02 Aug 2006 04:24
wow four decks... thats damn high. my highest is only like 2 - 3 feet  

02 Aug 2006 06:44
mine is 2 decks  

02 Aug 2006 19:01
Jolt K
mines none but i suck at ollieing can i have some advice  

28 Sep 2006 01:48
....how will reading help you?  

28 Sep 2006 02:47
i'l just help you retard lol  

28 Sep 2006 04:51
i can ollie onto a picnic table  

28 Sep 2006 05:05
the bench or the table part?  

29 Sep 2006 01:12
well i can ollie onto the bench then onto the table lol but ive never tried just the table  

29 Sep 2006 01:58
= 4 decks isnt that high its less then 3 ft still i cant do 4 decks so im not gunna bitch ive ollied over 4 decks but each time my back wheels cliped it but it didnt fall over so in a way i guess it kinda counts? since then ive gone down hill though like 2 days ago it was just one of those days i guess and i couldent ollie up this ledge so i freaked out and snapped my board luckily i have a spare. though its not brand new and its even harder to ollie on then the one i snapped  

14 Oct 2006 11:48
i can get over 4 decks if i used a bank and was already facing up. but not on flat ground  

14 Oct 2006 17:33
well comparing to me how long have youll been skateing?? ive only been doing it for about 5-6 months and im clearing 3 decks  

14 Oct 2006 17:38
i can clear 4, well that was last summer, havnt skated since  

14 Oct 2006 19:24
the highest ollie in history on flat ground is 4 ft 4 inches by danny way  

14 Oct 2006 19:58
na theres a new one isnt there its like 5'1 1/2 or something like that by some chinese guy  

14 Oct 2006 20:41
oh didnt hear of that...he could almost ollie me..i stand 5'4"  

15 Oct 2006 00:24
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]the highest ollie in history on flat ground is 4 ft 4 inches by danny way[/QUOTE]


its danny wainwright and the record it 3.70 feet, which is 44.5 inches. the guy who does it, does it goofy foot. danny way is regular foot. heres a video...


15 Oct 2006 06:56
i didnt remember the name soz all i knew was his name was danny  

15 Oct 2006 21:55
i like danny way hes pretty cool  

15 Oct 2006 22:41
I used to do 5 decks on command... anytime I wanted, then I got stupid.  

16 Oct 2006 19:12
i can ollie bout 3ft  

16 Oct 2006 19:25
i ollied 4 decks interlocked today  

16 Oct 2006 23:58
lol i find it hard to beleive so many people can ollie 3 ft  

17 Oct 2006 15:36
i only did it once or twice  

17 Oct 2006 19:11
well i can lol...not rapeatedly but every once in a while  

18 Oct 2006 01:01
yea do you know how high 3 feet is?  

18 Oct 2006 01:12
i can ollie 5 decks with my kicker...i did that today...i was trying to heelflip 4 decks off a kicker so i was like can i ollie 5?and i messed up like 3 times then i got it  

18 Oct 2006 02:58
i ollied a cone that was standing up off a bank at the new skatepark that opened  

18 Oct 2006 03:35
i was skatin today and we took our parks picnic tables and set it on the stairs and ollied on rode down it, then we used the shops kicker and was pulling 360 flip on to it..  

18 Oct 2006 04:17

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