what do you think about this?

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what do you think about making a rule thread and just keep bumbing it to the top?  

02 Aug 2006 19:08
what do you mean???  

02 Aug 2006 21:40
i mean make a thread saying what you can do and stuff like dont bring up old threads...we cant enforce it that much because we arnt mods but  

02 Aug 2006 22:16
You don't have the authority to do such a thing so why would anyone listen?  

03 Aug 2006 02:35
i know i wouldnt lol  

03 Aug 2006 03:46
i know but just some thing to maybe lower the rate of noobs bringing up old posts just a thought  

03 Aug 2006 05:17
its a good idea but none of us have any authority so its basically pointless  

03 Aug 2006 05:52
we did that before and it didnt work  

05 Aug 2006 22:02

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