Anyone ride forum?

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wuddup everyone?? I just got back into snowboarding after a few years off... just got forum elite 159, it's a pretty dope board. i'm getting back to where i used to be, rails aren't as easy as they used to be though !

anyone else ride forum?  

25 Dec 2003 03:18
forum elite is a nice board, if ur gonna buy it, i suggest u buy a lock on it, cuz i read about a guy in SNOWBOADERmag that got his elite stolen within 2 weeks of when he got it.  

26 Dec 2003 01:55
It doesn't matter what kind of board you have, people steal them no matter what. When me and my friends first started snowboarding eight years ago she had a used vision board and it got stolen. Who would steal a two year old Vision, actually who would steal a Vision? I don't know, but pepole will steal anything.
I haven't ever ridden a forum, but haven't heard too much good about their boards. However Bjorn Leines rides for them and that a good mark for Forum in my book. Okay I'm stupid, I know.  

03 Jan 2004 15:42

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