How often do you ride???

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I got no other ideas for a thread so i made this one up.......I usually try to ride everyday but sometimes stuff gets in the way.  

08 Aug 2006 01:54
whenever i feel like it  

08 Aug 2006 02:04

When school starts again, usualy every Monday - Friday and maybe on Sat or Sun if I feel like it.  

08 Aug 2006 07:24
ive got to ride by bike to the doctors office this dads got work and my moms going to be at a different doctor in wash dc.

2 90 degree weather...should be fun.  

08 Aug 2006 20:06
i usually use my old lawn mower for that it was a riding one and i took the mower on messed with the compression tubes now it goes ..we clocked 32 mph loli pay for the gass so my dad doesnt care lol  

08 Aug 2006 22:22
a riding mower going that fast has got to be crazily unstable, turn just a little too sharply and you flip over.

my parents wont be home for 4 hours after my appointment so i can take my sweet sweet time getting home and doing stuff.  

09 Aug 2006 22:22
I've turned a riding mower on a hairpin going 45mph and didn't flip. <3 racing mowers.  

10 Aug 2006 01:44
i wanna get my mower in a race but cash 2. no tracks ok my dads friend said i could have this old mower that barely ran so i made a small jump on the edge of a dock on a lake and i got it going 15-16 mph down this hill and i launched it and me off the ramp and the mower if still there lol  

10 Aug 2006 05:59
my dad wont let me use his mower anymore, i bottomed it out and he had to spend a lot of money to fix it. i thought it was cool, a shit load of sparks came out.  

11 Aug 2006 06:17
i am taking my bike up north and there this hill that leads to a dock wich leads to a lake lol i am gonna have som much fun jumping into that lake lol  

11 Aug 2006 08:41
i saw some crazy kids doing that into lake erie when i was in ohio, my dad hated them but i thought they were hilarious  

11 Aug 2006 23:06
Hooray for lake jumping! Best alternative to using a foam pit.  

12 Aug 2006 17:25
foam pits are way hard to get out of, theyve got a lot of them at woodward.  

12 Aug 2006 23:28
They're easy if you know how to get otu of them. Much easier then getting out of a lake.  

12 Aug 2006 23:36
my skatepark is going to be getting a foam pit, itll be great because all the noobs will be over there while i can have pretty much the rest of the park to myself. they always clog up the ground between the ramp trying to ollie...fucking noobs, practive ollies at home, this is a park!!!!!!!  

12 Aug 2006 23:40
Shut the fuck up about skateboarding. It's seriously very agrivating. This is the BMX section, talk about BMX.  

13 Aug 2006 03:47
i ride everyday that my bike runs and im not hurt, which is about six days a week. not this week though im hurt  

29 Aug 2006 23:57
who cares if you hurt..that shouldnt stop you from bmxing  

05 Sep 2006 02:45
the only way getting hurt would stop me from riding is if it put me in a wheelchair  

06 Sep 2006 17:17
Yea i ride and ride and ride i can barley move cause im soo sore but im still riding.  

07 Sep 2006 20:58
...well cars stop me from riding...always blocking my favorite spots... i dont wanna destroy the car cause then it will be there longer...hey ui will get some cones and police tape lol  

08 Sep 2006 00:13
When cars get in my way, and no one is around, hell, I ride the cars.

Nothing like disasters, chain stalls, and fast plants on cars.  

08 Sep 2006 01:12
i used to do that stuff on my moms front end until the bumper got killed. i got pretty good at disasters on a car but i couldnt do them anywhere else.  

08 Sep 2006 02:46
I can do disasters almost anywhere now. Just learned them a few weeks ago at the skatepark. Took me 3 times to get them on the 5' quarter.  

08 Sep 2006 03:09

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