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Hi, it's been a long time since I have ridden my BMX, I wasn't good at it, could jump the odd small ramp and that is about it! So I am wanting to start riding but this time learn some decent shit. What I wanted from you guys was to check out my BMX to see if it is suitable for riding and doing tricks or whether I should get a new one. The bike I have is a Nirve, it is the same one as in the link below only silver, any advice will be appreciated, thanks



08 Aug 2006 23:12
Nerve's are good bikes, but it's not a BMX. BMX is a sport, not a bike.  

09 Aug 2006 00:23
i se that all over its annoying  

09 Aug 2006 02:13
So it would be a good bike for BMXing? It seems to land ok and has good durability, a little heavy though. I just want to make sure incase it breaks while landing or something and I break my neck :)  

09 Aug 2006 17:16
It's a good stater bike, but stuff on it will break as will any other part no matter how good it is. If you're afraid of crashing or stuff breaking, maybe BMX isn't for you.  

09 Aug 2006 21:35
i think i wanna get like a haro frame of something cause my hoffman fram is reeally short like the seat thing is set a bit closer than most other bikse i have to sHAVE MY HANDLE BARS they are 26in. i want them 23 in...good idea or bad idea?
its messed up but everything else is fine  

09 Aug 2006 22:11
I don't mind taking a fall, but you see those videos of people's handlebars just dismantling in mid air and they fall face first, probably knocking every tooth out and gonna have serious face scars. Thats the stuff I want to keep away from :p  

10 Aug 2006 13:28
Handle bars wont fall apart in the air. The force needed to snap welds is too great for that to happen. Bars have probably fallen off in mid-air because the people never checked to make sure everything was tight.  

10 Aug 2006 19:55
one time i was riding with a friend and i didnt check my front wheel and we were going off this jump and it came off but it was a grass hill my leg got caught in the handle bars and i rolled down the hill with hurt like a motherfucker but i got up and kept riding(after a ten minute break lol)  

10 Aug 2006 21:46
i thought u were leaving u fucking idiot  

11 Aug 2006 03:49
hmm.. i guess not  

11 Aug 2006 04:34
i was......  

11 Aug 2006 05:21
i hate getting "trappped" in my frame when i crash, thats another reason bmx is way harder then skateboarding.  

11 Aug 2006 06:15
Knowing how to crash is helpful. You all should practice crashing.  

11 Aug 2006 08:41
if i know i am gonna crash i kick the bike away from me but i didnt realize the wheel was off till i was like 6 inches above the ground...thats how it happened i was starting to kic it away and my foot got caught and it got worse goin down the hil...gashed open my arm some how lol  

11 Aug 2006 08:45
Ok guys, thanks for your help.  

11 Aug 2006 15:26
its ok man i dont think u begining will do much to it. it has some nice cranks and front and rear brake and it looks like its got k-rads all-round on it so yeah man it looks like a great bike to strat learning new shit on but u mite wanna look into the weight of the bike just a segestion  

14 Aug 2006 05:30

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