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anybody got tips on varial kicks i can get the whole varial part but it either heads to a 360 or over flips?  

11 Aug 2006 00:52
soryy i onley landed a varial heelflip once and it was on accident  

11 Aug 2006 05:25
i hate kickflips, dont ask me how to do them. only help you with heelflip. although ive done a varial kickflip before, it was at woodward and took me a long time.  

11 Aug 2006 06:20
some day i wanna go to woodward...once i get good enough i am gonna set up a small local skate camp and make it cheap like 200$ a person..the woodward in wisconsin here has a gymnastics program too lol  

11 Aug 2006 08:48
all of the woodward camps have gymnastics, the one in pennsylvania is the biggest though, it can get really annoying sometimes.

i want to open a club for concerts bands and stuff someday..someday...either that or get a tv channel.  

11 Aug 2006 23:08
yeah that would be cool.. make a show of videos besides rap and hip-hop  

15 Aug 2006 02:24
itll be a channel of the things that make my life go round, skating, music and women.

btw, rap and hippity hop hop isnt music, its noise.  

15 Aug 2006 05:13
i was flipping through and on mtv there was a music video it was hip hop and they were puting skateboarding to shame!!!!!!!!!bringing hip-hop into skateing...stupid bitches  

15 Aug 2006 16:52

15 Aug 2006 16:55
i think i seen that music vid on mtv lol  

15 Aug 2006 20:21
its offending  

15 Aug 2006 22:35
yea ive seen that video before i think...his name was umm lupe fiasco? lol kick push  

16 Aug 2006 00:33
i found a bug in the youtube system so i can rate the same videos about 40 times, i rated it zero.  

16 Aug 2006 01:39
lol theres nothing wrong with a bit of hip hop in skate boarding lol i dont really like that stuff but still it can sound cool sometimes with those fat beats...not that gay eminem that stuff that jeff lenoce skates too in baker my opinion that sounds way cooler then skating to children of bodom it just dosent suit gotta love those beats by prodigy though so catchy...still the best music to put with skating is bones brigade ^_^  

16 Aug 2006 16:29
well i usally skate to like panic at the disco, 30 seconds to mars, and sum 41 them kinda bands  

17 Aug 2006 00:04
wow you listen to all the gay bands  

17 Aug 2006 19:44
i skate to makes me nuts so i skate well to it lol  

17 Aug 2006 20:03
hey lloyd there not gay there better than your bands  

17 Aug 2006 20:58
are you kidding me, more ppl prolly listen to my kinda music(metal) on this site then ur gay little pussy shit  

18 Aug 2006 02:04
chris bmxer
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]i skate to makes me nuts so i skate well to it lol[/QUOTE]
me too......  

18 Aug 2006 13:08
chris bmxer
[QUOTE=elementalskater]hey lloyd there not gay there better than your bands[/QUOTE]
SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP you peace of gay shit  

18 Aug 2006 13:13
yep, Lloyds right ive never heard 30 seconds to mars and I can tolerate panic at the disco but sum 41 alone warrents a good old fashion "your gay" insult...your gay  

18 Aug 2006 15:41
i cant tolerate panic at the disco im sorry  

18 Aug 2006 20:06
30 seconds to mars is good but sum 41 and panic at the disco are gay. i skate to heavy metal  

18 Aug 2006 22:22
metal all the way....30 seconds to mars sucks!!the only real good hip-hop or rap is french hip-hop or rap lol  

19 Aug 2006 00:18
lol french rapers  

19 Aug 2006 09:54
chris bmxer
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]metal all the way....30 seconds to mars sucks!!the only real good hip-hop or rap is french hip-hop or rap lol[/QUOTE]
what about japanise hip-hop lol  

19 Aug 2006 12:42
That would sound  

19 Aug 2006 21:59
chris bmxer
[QUOTE=billybobjr3]That would sound[/QUOTE]
i have a song  

19 Aug 2006 22:12
i havnt heard japenese hip-hop or rap but they have kick ass rock  

20 Aug 2006 01:41
and german punk rock is cool  

20 Aug 2006 01:41
[QUOTE=elementalskater]anybody got tips on varial kicks i can get the whole varial part but it either heads to a 360 or over flips?[/QUOTE]

a varial kick flip was the last trick i learnt after i was forced to quit due to an ankle injury.

its been a while since i last been on a board but i will explain the best way i can.

when ever i wanted to do a varial kick flip i wuldnt kick the board out like a normal kick flip i wuld push down on the board.

ok so start off u need a good pop shovit with a good height. begin a shovit and aim to kick the board round with ur back foot and kick down with the other
so its so shit at explaing things but i cant find the words lol

try going onto a tricks web site,preferably one with a video or pictures  

20 Aug 2006 13:01
you dont completely quit because of an injury unless it paralyses you lol  

20 Aug 2006 22:41
chris bmxer
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]you dont completely quit because of an injury unless it paralyses you lol[/QUOTE]
works for me  

21 Aug 2006 11:40
good job chris.

you people need to skate to the hellacopters...get to know them, from sweden. and llyod was right, you do like the homo bands that suck.  

22 Aug 2006 14:56
hahaha in your face lmao  

23 Aug 2006 02:11
lol that was so blunt...thuss making its hilarity increase  

23 Aug 2006 13:10
i skate to a band called say anything once in a while...... i like ska music like reel big fish....i skate to CKY too  

23 Aug 2006 23:34
well youll i like to listen to music i like ok...i dont make fun of your or anything so dont do it to mine lol  

26 Aug 2006 05:32
i hate the music you listen to so what are you talking about...i like blur  

28 Aug 2006 23:32
dude im not gonna get started with u again so just stfu ight  

29 Aug 2006 02:28
ur just tryin to start shit again  

29 Aug 2006 02:45
lol let them go ^_^ this site has hardly any posts mainly consists of them flaming each other back and forth theire keeping it alive  

30 Aug 2006 14:37
the hellacopters > all the rest of the music  

31 Aug 2006 16:31
dude im not getting started  

04 Sep 2006 17:21
neither was i... no offence but i hate your music i just flatout hate it..,.and its blasted for my sisi's room all the i blast metal back( i always win lol)  

05 Sep 2006 02:50

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