whats your favourite types of riding

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what do u enjoy for types of riding like street bmx , downhill , trials , ext....  

14 Aug 2006 05:27
i usually ride park, but now that ive moved i do more dirt now, cuz i dont live near a park anymore  

14 Aug 2006 08:56
i like ridind dirt and street  

15 Aug 2006 00:29
I like to do park,street (flatland) and dirt cause i live on this road thats like 30 miles of nothing and theres little side streets and i make jumps of dirt in the woods i do flatland and somedays when i want to i go to skate parks...  

15 Aug 2006 02:31
this question has been asked so many times...

dirt jumps  

15 Aug 2006 05:06
Isn't this the 5th one of these onthe first page?  

15 Aug 2006 06:43
no but it is a really common topic  

15 Aug 2006 16:46

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