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ok, iv got the hang on jumping no prob. but i tried my first rail last year and i sucked, i went about 2 feet and slipped off, of course i didnt go at it straight on, but anyone have tips for 50-50s. boardslides dont scare me, 50-50s do, hurry though, tomorrows my 13th birthday and im goin to hoodoo, so i need help fast. ty  

26 Dec 2003 03:33
well,i would say only the obvious, such things like bend your knees, and have a good amount of speed, thats half your balance, if your going slow before you hit the rail, your goin to eat snow, if you can find a double rail those are especially good for practice, mainly b/c they're wider and require less speed, go on those for a while, get used to the feel of it, then progress, pc out  

29 Dec 2003 23:02
if you want to get on a rail you just start on a rail that is'nt to hard like 1 u don't have to jump to get onthen when you feel good u just go for it.

boarder-x :twisted:  

27 Jan 2004 23:52

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