Sublime anyone?

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Anyone gotten the re-release of Sublime's s/t album that came out this week? I've been hearing a lot about it at work at umgd but I wanted to know if anyone's actually bought it and had any comments about it. It seems pretty sweet, if you don't already know it's a two disc set--the first has Nowell's original idea and sequence for the album and the second has a bunch of remixes and unreleased tracks (you can check out the playlist at If anyone's heard anything about it let me know! Oh, and I also heard rumors about a box set coming out sometime in the fall...anyone know about that?  

18 Aug 2006 03:40
who the hell is sublime?  

19 Aug 2006 00:16
i hate those guys...its ll my shitty radio station plays, their one song over and over 20 times a day.  

22 Aug 2006 14:51
there only good song is what i got, which is good to listen to when you are high  

29 Oct 2006 03:30
There best song and the only one I know is the smoke to joints one  

29 Oct 2006 06:22
is that the song from crackhouse on cs lol  

29 Oct 2006 20:48
lol yea  

29 Oct 2006 20:50
Love em here  

19 Jun 2007 12:04

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