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What size tires do u prefar to ride for street people told me for park with ramps 24' or 26' tires are the way to go cause there alot easier to grip and do shit on but i prefar 20 inch its not as easy to a fuf a nu or abubca on but i manige  

21 Aug 2006 06:56
I like 20inch tires.....  

21 Aug 2006 15:55
It's just as hard to do stuff on a 24" or 26" as a 20".

26" are for mountain bikes, 24" are for cruiser races and 20" are for racing and freestyle.  

22 Aug 2006 01:16
i use 20 in.  

23 Aug 2006 23:32
i think everyone does  

24 Aug 2006 02:31
my old biks was a ful sized bmx bike but it had 16 " wheels  

24 Aug 2006 05:24
16's, i dont think so  

24 Aug 2006 07:51
I hate 16' tires there way to small.  

24 Aug 2006 15:34
I think you boys need to talk to the guy that started this thread, HE RIPS 16"  

25 Aug 2006 02:41
it was way weird looking  

25 Aug 2006 22:42
thats liek a little kids bike  

25 Aug 2006 23:19
Or a pit bike. I still ride around my bro's 16" General Lee, but by standards, 20" tire bikes are freestyle.

And it's called a fucking bicycle, or bike for short, not a god damn BMX.  

26 Aug 2006 02:14
me and a friend are taking a bike thats suppose to ride 16"s and extend the front forkso it can fit 20"s lol (were gonna leave the back alone so it will look really fucked up)  

28 Aug 2006 23:27
WOW 24' and 26's are way too big  

05 Oct 2006 16:42

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