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is there anywere to lookup the specs of you bike. i cant find a good site. its hard to get lighter parts when you dont know what the stock stuff weighs. ive got the sledgehammer bars, and i cant find the weight. i just ordered some Eastern ultra light bars, they weigh 23.5 oz.  

28 Aug 2006 08:31
Go on the website of the company you bought from. You could also just take your bike apart and go weigh crap at a post office.  

28 Aug 2006 22:54
or on ur own scale lol  

29 Aug 2006 01:27
my scale only goes up to 300 grams.
and i dont want to take off parts untill i get the new ones. should be tomorrow though.
also the haro website sucks  

29 Aug 2006 10:09

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