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ok i'd like to hear your skating storys!!
one time i was riding holding on to my moms car's fin and i was doin like 20mph and the fin broke off lol  

09 Sep 2006 00:38
ight listen to this, i was skateing at my school and i went to ollie a 5 set and put a pelvic thrust in it for the fun of it i landed so perfect then hit a pothole in the concrete flipped into a teacher and my board went into a classroom window, now skating is banned at my school and i have to pay $600 fine and $200 for replacing the window.......it was fun lol  

09 Sep 2006 03:41
i was skating to skool one time and i hit a rock and i kicked my board backwards and it went onto the road and a freaking car ran over it and snapped it into 2 pieces  

09 Sep 2006 06:40
then you came back crying... yea i remember that ;p  

09 Sep 2006 08:06
lol ive had my board ran over by a car it was only a day old too....when i first started i came down a hill and a car came round teh corner...so i jumped off
and then the car stopped and the board was under the wheel...then it started driving again and snapped it...it was some old guy... when he realised he snapped the board he drove off really fast...guess he didnt wanna pay for it...but when he discovered the board went up underneath his wheel and scratched the paint of his car he came back pretty fast too  

09 Sep 2006 17:08
LOL today me and my coach were outsided practicing on my new mini-pipe and its only my third time to be on one so i wasnt that good.....when i started pumping i got going really fast but not that fast...and i leaned backward and my board came out from under me and went straight up the pipe and hit my trainer in the chin........lol it was funny..he was laughing about it and told me to try it again but not to hit him in the face lol  

11 Sep 2006 05:44
i ollied down some stairs and cracked the back of my board but i still landed it, cool.  

11 Sep 2006 17:39
would have been better if u would have done the splits lol  

11 Sep 2006 21:32
i did the once with my old board it was one of the only times i ollied right while going off something i was ollieing off a curb and i my tail just completely broke off and it like threw my into the splits  

12 Sep 2006 01:47
ive done that but my tail didnt brake i was just pushing down the road and i missed the tail and it caught the road and i did the splits pulled a groin and scrathed my knee bad  

12 Sep 2006 03:05
yeah done that on a bunch of ollies  

12 Sep 2006 04:32
pslits are usually the coolest bails, i fell down a 6 stairs doing a split, it was even more funny because my shoe fell off.  

14 Sep 2006 19:18
yeah they look the coolest ..we had to jump on a spring board onto a mat in gym and they let us where shoes so i was jumping into a front flip and my shoe flew off and hit someone in the head  

15 Sep 2006 00:29
i was playing soccer in gym and my shoe flew off and hit someone in the face  

15 Sep 2006 06:20
yea me and my freinds were in our gym kicking a soccer ball around and my freinds tries to show off and kicks it wrong and it shoots straight up and hits a light nocks it down and it shattered all over the court....  

16 Sep 2006 07:10
i hate gym, make me play basketball and crap. all i ever do when ive got a basketball is see how far back i can stand and make it. im white, wth would you expect.  

16 Sep 2006 21:28
laugh out loud-----i hate the ten letter crap  

16 Sep 2006 23:15
o i know...are gym isnt bad..its got like a bajillion mats and a rock wall ...its good for trying handplants  

16 Sep 2006 23:50
man our gym sux.....its huge but plaing all it is is a block building with polished floors all u can really do is powerslide there we broke in once and did it.....its pretty boring...oh and we can 50-50 the seats cuz they move back-and-forth  

17 Sep 2006 03:24

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