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we are covering all these different threads arguing about my age so if you want to argue, argue here...i'm 14 damnit i want you to prove to me that there is a post somewhere that says i am 12  

10 Sep 2006 23:34
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron] i am 12[/QUOTE]

you said it yourself right there, you just posted it!!!  

10 Sep 2006 23:37
i knew u posted it i just didnt know where, you jsut got owned u faggot  

10 Sep 2006 23:45
Stated in the shout box of my website.

7 Sep 06, 17:01
aaron: 12

6 Sep 06, 20:43
Demented: Hey Aaron, how old are you?  

11 Sep 2006 03:00
wow u just keep gettin owned lol  

11 Sep 2006 05:09
ive got fast internet, good ol' laptop mooching connections.  

11 Sep 2006 17:33
i said 14 wtf i must of accidently typed it so whatever if u guys dont beleive me then what ever  

12 Sep 2006 01:39
how do u type ur age wrong  

12 Sep 2006 01:47
Not only type it wrong, but type it wrong on two different websites, 3 different places, and all saying 12?  

12 Sep 2006 02:08
i only did that here..even if i was 12 you think i would say I'm 12  

12 Sep 2006 04:30
No, if you were 12 you would say you're 14 to get unbanned from my site and to act "tough".

My brother did the same thing two years ago.  

12 Sep 2006 05:55
ok dont beleive me.... if i had a camera i would get a pic my shcool id to prove it but i lost my camera somewhere  

14 Sep 2006 03:10
Pictures prove nothing. I am 17 and I look 13 in pictures.

Hell, i've seen a picture of a kid I know that is 16 and he looks 22.  

14 Sep 2006 06:35
who cares if the kid lied about his age, he just wants to talk about riding and get tips. get off his back man. the site is meant to talk about riding not his age.  

14 Sep 2006 13:23
why does it matter anyway  

14 Sep 2006 19:15
not a pic of me but a picture of my id with my info  

15 Sep 2006 00:24
Oh sure, give me a picture of your ID.

I need someone else to steal their identity from.  

15 Sep 2006 02:40
hahahahaha no kidding  

15 Sep 2006 06:15
how much money can a 12 or 14 year old kid make  

15 Sep 2006 16:45
170 bucks lol not much but almost enough to buy a new guitar  

16 Sep 2006 23:46
$170 for a guitar? Holy hell...what kind of crappy guitar are you buying?  

16 Sep 2006 23:51
the epiphone i want is 800...youre not buying walmart guitars too?  

17 Sep 2006 03:59
What Epiphone are you buying? And $800, why not just get an actual Gibson?

I'm trying to save up $749.99 for a transparent blue RR3. If the Seymore Duncan pickups on there are not that great (I doubt they will suck) i'm going to spend $200 on some EMGs.

I also need a new amp...$500 for a crate half stack.

As of now, i'm wither $690 away from the guitar or $440 away from a new amp. Atleast I should be having a lot of work coming into my company. A few guns to repair, some to modify, some to mill, yay me!

Hopefully I will have that Jackson before the end of October.

And if anyone wants this stuff:
B.C. Rich KKW, older style demon head cut and reshaped to look like the newer style, and duel B.C. Rich anti-buzz humbuckers. $300

Rouge RB-50B 50watt bass combo amp. Tone and presence knobs, high-boost, high, mid, and low voicing, and 4-band equalizers. High and low input jacks. Line in, line out, high-boost, and headphone jacks. Single 12" speaker.

17 Sep 2006 19:08
the remake of the epiphone wilshire offical.  

17 Sep 2006 20:26
no i have 170$ and the guitar i want is 250  

17 Sep 2006 21:25
What $250 guitar then? Please don't say the Hello Kitty strat...'cause if you do, I will be mad at you 'cause I want one even though I hate strats.

Bobe, never heard of the Epiphone remake... Is it a remake of the '60's one?  

17 Sep 2006 22:50
yeah it is, all ivory white. its awesome.  

18 Sep 2006 02:42

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