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Hey just wonderin i hav just started riding bmx n i hav a mongoose stylist i was wonderin are dey any good 2 ride wit  

11 Sep 2006 12:22
for a noob yes, cause theyre cheap. other then that, no way  

11 Sep 2006 17:37
No dey r nhut gud to rid wit, and yo command of da engwish lang suks.  

11 Sep 2006 22:46
i guess it would be ok untl you get cash for a bether bike..just dont blow any cash on it  

12 Sep 2006 01:43
for a noob mongoose powns all wal-mart newbs on bms's haha  

12 Sep 2006 21:02
mongoose is pretty much wal-mart lol its all over wal mart...i smashed my old mongoosre that i got for free with a sledge hammer  

14 Sep 2006 03:15
mongoose sucks, the design of the bikes are different from a real freestyle bmx bike. on a felt bike, fit, standard, 2 hip, ect. the weight is in a certain part of the bike for a certain type of riding. dirt jumping= it is more spread out, with a little bit more in the front for a steep landing. park= there is alot more weight in the back of the bike so you can slide better, and there is a few more reasons too. mongoose= they just throw aome metal together and weld it, and then they throw detangler cables, pegs and stuff like that just for looks. they try to make it look like a freestyle bike, but it wont ride like one. Unless you go to a mongoose dealer, and get one of the real pro models, which i still would never buy.  

14 Sep 2006 13:18
I have just started as well and was wondering if my bike is any good
It's a GT Fly, not sure what year  

18 Sep 2006 07:36
not really  

18 Sep 2006 21:21
For a beginner bike it will do.  

19 Sep 2006 00:54
[QUOTE=DementedBMXer]No dey r nhut gud to rid wit, and yo command of da engwish lang suks.[/QUOTE]
omg that took me like 5 minutes to read  

05 Oct 2006 17:28

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