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OK guys, this is the "Official Introduce Yourself" thread...
Let's hear it! :twisted:  

26 Dec 2003 22:01
Okay I guess I'll introduce myself because I just joined. I'm a 19 year-old ride bum. I work at the resort here where I live and all I do is snowboard. I don't know what else I should say, oh I'm a girl. A lot of people think I'm a guy because of my user ID for some reason, as if girls can't be mountain surfers or something. Anyways...hey everyone!  

03 Jan 2004 14:54
Hey mtnsurfer121!! Welcome to the boards! :wink:  

03 Jan 2004 17:14
wow! it's cool! What do you do there mtnsurfer?
welcome btw...  

03 Jan 2004 22:12
Hey guys, I'm a lift operator. Its pretty fun, but freakin cold sometimes. Plus I have to watch everyone else ride on powder days. However I do get ride breaks, while other people are sitting in classrooms and offices with a bad view of my mountain office.  

05 Jan 2004 04:59
Sounds like fun 8)  

05 Jan 2004 17:44
My name is Kaci.. I'm 15 and live in PA.. it suxx ass here lol.. Anyway.. I like skateboarding and BMX Biking.. not much to say about me.. I write... thats about it lol.. Cya!  

05 Jan 2004 21:26
yo Kaci! Welcome...  

05 Jan 2004 22:58
Hey Kaci, I'm a writer too. What kind of stuff do you write?  

06 Jan 2004 04:08
I write basically just really bad poetry.. I post in actually.. if anyone getz sOo bored and wanna read some bad writing.. they can go to and my username iz tormentedsoul666.. yehh i definitlee cant write.. i also have some old shyt not on there... but yehh i play guitar.. and then course the BMX and st8boarding i love.. soo yeahh.. that bout coverz it for me.. im out  

08 Jan 2004 23:23
I'm a 24 year old mother of 4, I'm trying to get closer to my 10 year old step-son who loves sk8tboarding right now. I myself like the inlines although I'm not very good at either one. I'm surfing right now looking for Amateur skate org. to try and start a group or comp. here in my little town. Can any of you help with some links?  

16 Jan 2004 17:54
Hey all, my names Rob and im 15 yrs old. ive been riding for some time now, but still cant do tricks. I can catwalk, and sort of tailwhip and endo. but thats about all. When bunnyhopping i can get the back tire but not hte front with my feet. What am I doing wrong. Some one tell me. Plz. Anyway, Im up for a chat if u want, or add me to msn [email][/email] and i'll talk to u there.

Some days ur the dog, and some days ur the lamp post.

I wanna die in my sleep, like my granddad, not screaming like the passengers in his car.

If Walmart are lowering there prices everyday, how come nothings free yet...  

17 Jan 2004 15:39
Hey n00bs... welcome to the boards!  

18 Jan 2004 09:55
Hey pple :) Well.. i'm new in ur forum.. just joined. I like hear 8) only this year i understood what IS snowboarding... Actually i've never tried skateboarding, but it's really awesome.. and dancing.. can't live without it.. Oh, i'm 15 .. Oki-doki, c ya :wink:  

19 Jan 2004 12:37
Hey TeFnUt! Have fun man...  

19 Jan 2004 17:47
:roll: girl... i'm a girl...... thanx :)  

20 Jan 2004 09:06
hey i just wana say how fun this is being on the cool kids forums :D  

20 Jan 2004 12:59
:oops: Sorry TeFnUt...
Welcome to the boards Jason! :wink:  

20 Jan 2004 21:00
Bumpty bump...
Use this thread n00bs... :twisted:  

27 Jan 2004 23:04
hi!i'm not skateborder but i wanna be architect! and i need your help for that. for my final theses i want to do a project of extreme sport park in one old factory in my city (zagreb,croatia).
i'm looking for examples of these kind of parks all over the world.
so if u know some web pages, adresses, have some pictures or even ideas please write me an e-mail
thank u!  

02 Feb 2004 12:11
Hey zzofa, welcome to the boards... I advice you to open up a new topic for this one... Good luck with the project!  

02 Feb 2004 14:27
I'm sk8r_bnmn,16 and I skate almost 24/7 and hardcore!Thats pretty much all of it.Oh hey MrPhear how bout you?You skate or anything like that?  

04 Feb 2004 22:49
im a newbie he he :D
I live in the great country of England ....yeh....woop. im 14, i do a bit o everything......not bmxin bad with bikes.......bad experiences you know.........o and i dont surf either....well all i can do is and ski....

...well thats me....just about

El DIablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 17:01
Nice to have you here guys...  

22 Feb 2004 21:23
Girl !! im a girl.....ha ha no really im a girl  

23 Feb 2004 18:45
hi folks im nutter im 16 from the almighty england i do alot of skateboarding visit [url][/url] please let me know what ya think

peace out 8)  

23 Mar 2004 13:50
[b][color=red]Hey. I'm Siobhan (It's pronnounced Shevon) and I live in Los Angeles, California. Ummmm, I play guitar and I love music. My favorite kind is emo, but my fav band is Blink 182 and I've liked em since third grade 8) . I'm 13, whoo.[/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 00:54
Welcome to the boards Emo! Hope you stick around.  

05 Apr 2004 03:42
[b][color=red]Thanks. I think I will :) [/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 20:30
lame dogg
my name is lamo damo or lame dogg, i ride pure street bmx, inline skating,scootering and anything stupid, crazy, fun or extrreme, and if i kept telling you everyhting id be here too long cause i am at work, i work for nachi ball bearing company and that willl do  

20 Apr 2004 05:27
Hey i am 11 i luv dirt jumpin itz da best every1 callz me Jay D coz i once sed dat lyk instead Of JAY Z o well call me Jay D if u guyz like i luv dirt jumpin wif bmx but im not very good hope ya'll can teach me sum stuffz :)  

20 Apr 2004 14:50
hey every1..

this is pretty much my 1st post. anyways about me:

i jus got my bmx about 3 weeks ago. i can do endos, barspins(flatland) pogo and can almost fire hydrant and bar ride. any tips on those would be nice :D  

21 Apr 2004 07:33
Well, this thread is pretty much dead I guess, but I'm gunna do it anyway because I'm all alone and it's dark outside, so I've got nothing better to do.

I'm 15 years old, and just recently started skateboarding. I dabbled in inlines before, but I'm through with that. I've never been surfing, or snowboarding, or skiiing, or anything like that.

I'm a Girl too, so yeah... thats me...

Im a Mathlete too! LOL, I have a whole list of stupid things I've done, and thats the coolest one, just to put that into perspective...

I'm also a writer, but I think I might get in trouble if I went into detail about that...

And the most important thing about me- I like to eat ravioli cold from the can!  

05 May 2004 09:27
you like ravioli from the can and i like it to we have so much in common

And the most imprtant thing about me- I like to eat ravioli cold from the can![/quote]  

05 May 2004 11:31
I'm 17 yrs old, i play alot of computer games. I mostly post at [url][/url] in the "melee forum". Actually one of the members mentioned this site.

From what I've seen, this site sucks balls, everyone appears to be under 10 yrs old.

For all you e-thugs on this forum; you can't flame for shit. :twisted:

In fact, me & my buddies are gonna invade this forum until we shut you down; how about that *sshats.  

24 Jul 2004 15:53
mr jones
lol insanetrain, stop kidding yourself ... your fucking side sucks totally.  

29 Jul 2004 16:47
yea it really does suck  

29 Jul 2004 18:44
Hey I'm a girl (obviousally fom my username) I'm 16. I've been skateboarding for 3 yrs. and I'm the only girl at my school who does. I live in a boring town in southern Cali.  

10 Oct 2004 10:34
wow it's great to see another gal sk8er.. how can you say cali is boring i live in fukin england lol  

10 Oct 2004 21:29
17 year old skateboard girl here.. my names Taylor BTW, and I am from florida.. by tampa.. and what sucks.. apparently skateboarding is illegal here..(who the heck cares.. I'm doing it)its a state law ..  

16 Oct 2004 21:16
illegal? thats kinda...*cough* retarded *cough*.

anyways... I'm rob, 13 years old, live in DeLand, Florida. I skate, skimboard, and also gonna learn to surf next summer. I play soccer too. I like weekends and cold pizza. :)  

18 Oct 2004 00:32
Hi i am a 15 i love to bmx i first got my bike about a year ago and can almost do anything (Im just crazy like that) i started riding bikes because it looked fun when all my freinds were doing it so i had to try it out Oh and my name is Chris i live in a small town in Ky but there are alot of Bike parks around i really love the one in louisville its the greatest i do have a small public park near where i live and it somtimes gets old riding it all week but i ride to have fun and to learn....

....Bmx Rules All....  

02 Aug 2005 22:30

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