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I am just starting to get back into riding (it has been many many years) and I need a bike.

I was checking out my local shop today and almost went ahead and got a Haro Nyquist One (I know its nothing special but I need something). But held back so I can do some research first.

So I need some kind of suggestions here. I am looking to spend no more than 350-400 at the absolute most, preferably closer to 300. I am obviously on a budget and want the best for what I can afford (or what my wife will let me afford).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also rebuilding/cleaning up a 1988 GT Pro Performer but that is going to be to heavy for me to ride so it is going to be my show/cruise bike. I will post pictures when I am done with that.  

17 Sep 2006 01:50
I forgot... I will mainly be riding street, with some dirt and maybe some parks.

The lighter the better also.


17 Sep 2006 01:53
This should help.


17 Sep 2006 01:54
if your buying a complete bike, dont get haro. go for a fit bike. my friend just started riding and he bought a fit pro for like 350. dont get haro, the parts that come with their bikes suck trust me on this, i used have a backtrail X2 it started falling apart real fast. now i am riding a felt chasm. i have like no stock parts on it though. new hubs and rims, new bars, new crankset, and a few more things. just dont get a haro complete waste of money. honestly you can go to sports authority and get a better bike for cheaper. in my opinion  

17 Sep 2006 02:43
check out demented's site. he's got a whole list of good beginners bikes.  

17 Sep 2006 04:34

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