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hey guys is it god that im landing varial kickflip while going and ive only been skateing for 4 months??????  

18 Sep 2006 04:53
cant you 360 flip a 6 set?  

18 Sep 2006 06:29
ya isnt that wut u said earlier  

18 Sep 2006 07:28
i suck at kickflips i have been skateing for 7 months lol i have heelflips dialed  

19 Sep 2006 01:12
ight i was bullshitting youll on the 360 flips down 4 set lol.......but i can varial down a 2 to 3 set so is that good or not my trainer says it is but hes a fucking liar sometimes????  

19 Sep 2006 02:03
wow ur a fag guy  

19 Sep 2006 02:36
dude stfu ight i was just messing around.....ur such a quire dude :roll:  

19 Sep 2006 03:47
why would you even joke about that, thats jsut gay  

19 Sep 2006 07:22
shut the fuck up deuchte bad i was just playing around  

20 Sep 2006 17:27
deutchte bad? i beleive its spell "douche" i also beleive its spelt "bag" besides the spelling i agree with lloyd you just seem like a liar didnt you say you were like 25 or something when you were fighting with the dubl ron act way to childish to be over 16 oh well your probaly lying about being about a varial a 2-3 set too I dunno oh well while your making up lies and thinking of ways to look cool and what not theres people out there skating and acctually learning how to do those tricks ^_^ lol!  

22 Sep 2006 11:21
see guy im not the only person who thinks ur a fag for lieing about that  

23 Sep 2006 04:49
i third that  

23 Sep 2006 08:26
yea that is pretty gay  

23 Sep 2006 19:37

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