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hey guys i skate but i want to know who got u started on BMX?? and if u skate to?  

19 Sep 2006 04:04
I hate skating with a passion. ;)

Who got me started; almost 12 years ago when Cory Nastazio lived down here in So Fla I used to see him at our local track all the time and he lived down the street from me. He's the one that got me into BMX.  

19 Sep 2006 04:29
a couple of my friends got me into bmxing  

19 Sep 2006 07:21
i skate first, then bmx. and i got a bike when i was a little boy but always tried to make little sketchy ramps out of dirt and wood. i always wanted to go higher and higher until now, dirt jump. 6 feet, its great  

20 Sep 2006 16:38
I do both but i mostly skate because i cant do much on a bike due to tendonitis in my elbow  

05 Oct 2006 18:30
skating sucks  

05 Oct 2006 18:38
i skate and has to be steven hamilton who got me into bmx  

06 Oct 2006 01:20
A couple of my friends were all like "Just said get a bike and ride with us." and it just took off from there... but I still skate more than I ride bikes.  

09 Oct 2006 19:21
cause u got hit by a parked car on your bike and messed it up.

p.s. mason i still love you, i don't mean all this mean stuff  

09 Oct 2006 19:22
I love you too Hamp... when I get my new bike... we are riding again!!! We'll go to the walls and ride like the old days.  

09 Oct 2006 19:23
hummmm.... the old days *dreams*  

09 Oct 2006 19:25
*dreams also* Remember the doubles act we had on the walls???  

09 Oct 2006 19:28
you guys sound fucking gay  

10 Oct 2006 02:08
this forum sucks...  

10 Oct 2006 18:59
then leave  

11 Oct 2006 02:04
I skate and BMX....Bmx is better because skatin is basacially lower body...unless riding vert....BMX is all body....Luke Parslow got me into BMXing.....i dont know him personally but when i seen him ride..holy sh*t  

01 Nov 2006 19:11

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