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i want to buy a cheap bike what should i go for....FIT-AM
EASTERN-BATTERY or the DK-8PACK any ideas???  

21 Sep 2006 05:33
Bike selection is personal preferance. Go to a bike store and look at bikes and see what you like. Knowing that bike stores do not have every single bike you may want, read up on what the bike you want has (parts, dimensions, ect.) and look at a similar bike in person.

No matter what, if we say somthing is good, it's our opinion, not yours.
For example, I could tell you to get a DK 8 pack because it's the best bike in the world, which I don't, but pretending I do, you would be under false preferances and choose unwisely and get somthing you may not want.

Getting a bike is just like getting a car, or shoes, or clothing. You get what you want, not what people tell you is good.  

21 Sep 2006 22:20
kool kool thanks...i will do just that  

22 Sep 2006 03:09

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