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Hey yeh im new just got an avanti bmx development bmx ($350) would it be sweet to bmx with it? (for a begginer)
to learn bunny hop Do you start off on grass staying still or on the move?
Hey Guys i attempted bunny hop and did it sweet a couple times then really badly cut my leg. My metal pedal ripped into my flesh and hit my leg bone. Dam that was sore

Any Tips?  

27 Dec 2003 22:01
Hey, welcome to the boards bro! :wink:
Take a look at [url=http://www.extremebros.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29]this thread[/url]... You may find it useful...  

27 Dec 2003 23:00
gettin hurt is all apart of ridin it happens jus get on wit it, and look at the big thread all bout bunnyhopin  

18 Feb 2004 23:22
Extreme Learner
he dint complain about getting hurt you dum ass he was just telling us so dont have a go at him noob  

06 Jun 2006 22:03
ur the noob uve been here for like a week  

07 Jun 2006 00:38
this thread is from '03  

07 Jun 2006 00:55
i know, this guys a fag man  

07 Jun 2006 21:07
how do people even find these thread theyre on like the 8th page back or sum shit. damn  

09 Jun 2006 04:22
yeah i started doin that ....you remember my massacre..lol  

09 Jun 2006 07:38
i reckon he'll be able to bunnyhop by now its been three years thats if he is still riding!  

25 Jun 2006 17:53
prolly lol...though reading it(after it was brout up) i have the same problem with the petels....they keep hitting in the shin ..it sux lol..but shit happens  

25 Jun 2006 21:06
get grippyer pedals so your feet dont slide off or shoes with good tred  

25 Jun 2006 21:09
no cash.....and my feet dont slide off they just like hit my leg while i have stopped onstuff so yeah  

25 Jun 2006 22:51
i hate it so much when i hurt my shins. it hurts so much because its just skin and bones there. im thinking about shin guards  

26 Jun 2006 03:21
haha nice idea  

26 Jun 2006 05:03
yeah i know what your saying i used to were shin gaurds but i gave them away when i sold my old bike. now i have knee pads and i never wear them unless im dirt jumping. i need to get more shin gaurds they r more handy.  

26 Jun 2006 15:16
actually i still have my shin guards from soccer  

26 Jun 2006 17:55
i remember when i played soccer. long time ago, the things dont fit anymore.

hey, has anyone been paying attention to the world cup?  

26 Jun 2006 23:04
not really but i think russia is doing good but i have no idea i dont pay attentoin  

26 Jun 2006 23:18
well ofcourse, the only cure for world cup fever is to be american.  

28 Jun 2006 03:58
haha i hear ya...i think amerca sucks when it come to the world cup lol  

28 Jun 2006 05:22
no america sucks period  

29 Jun 2006 09:15
you have a point...except than burgers.....america has burgers and cheese  

30 Jun 2006 04:47
so do us canadians  

30 Jun 2006 09:30
What sucks about america?  

30 Jun 2006 19:08
everything dumbass...canadia has cheese and burgers?wow..o we have onion rings  

30 Jun 2006 19:30
so do we u fucking retard, ur a fucking idiot  

30 Jun 2006 20:11
damn i am gonna go on a road trip and find somehtingthat america has......o we have a gay president!!!!!!! haha!!!!!!!!!  

30 Jun 2006 22:36
america has warm weather and we dont play ice hockey in june.

but america junior is pretty cool  

03 Jul 2006 04:41
Bush is a dumbass, he thinks he's all that and that everyone likes him but hes just an idiot  

09 Jul 2006 01:38
[QUOTE=nik999389]Bush is a dumbass, he thinks he's all that and that everyone likes him but hes just an idiot[/QUOTE]
Such hate you have. Bush is the best president this country has ever had. I'm not joking, he kicks ass. Look at all the great stuff he's given us. He liberated us from the terrorists in Iraq, he fought rising oil prices, hell, he praises god for god's sake.

Sorry, the two FBI dudes behind me made me say it.

Fuck bush!  

09 Jul 2006 03:47
lol i thought u really were for bush for a sec nice save  

09 Jul 2006 04:47
did somebody say world cup???


its worth it dialup people, only 11 seconds  

09 Jul 2006 22:26
no i dont think so  

09 Jul 2006 23:47
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]haha i hear ya...i think amerca sucks when it come to the world cup lol[/QUOTE]

yes they did, its right there  

10 Jul 2006 00:53


WATCH IT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!  

11 Jul 2006 01:26

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