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Fuzzy Rider
Is this bike any good [IMG][/IMG]  

22 Sep 2006 03:10
buy it, ride it, and decide for yourself.  

22 Sep 2006 04:46
if your starting maybe how much is it?  

22 Sep 2006 05:00
Fuzzy Rider
Around 270 american... im not just starting ive been in BMX for 3 years now  

22 Sep 2006 05:22
Fuzzy Rider
im asking is it good coz my friend bought it he wants me to ask some peeps about it  

22 Sep 2006 05:23
if uve been in riding for 3 years surly you wud no if it was gud or not!! i had a mongoose it suked badd my first ever bike lol  

22 Sep 2006 05:37
Fuzzy Rider
what type of mongoose was it ( ps i ride a customized cleaveland)  

22 Sep 2006 05:48
yeah save your money for something better  

23 Sep 2006 08:25
That mongoose is nothing more then a beginners bike that's slightly too expensive for walmart. The only parts on that bike that are actualy good are the pegs, and that's just sad. Not to mention the frame itself weighs about 5lbs.

If I was your friend, I would return the bike and save up money for a better bike. Atleast somthing that breaks $400USD would be halfway decent.  

23 Sep 2006 19:55
So which is the best budget/beginers bike out there. Mongoose, Diamond back, low-end Hoffman ????  

28 Sep 2006 02:02
defiently the hoffman its a rider owned company i think a rider owned company always makes better bikes  

28 Sep 2006 04:25
i have a hoffman thats from like '95 lol  

28 Sep 2006 04:45
Mongoose is rider owned too. Same with pretty much every single bike company out there that sponsores BMX riders. GT doesn't really count anymore since they're now a subdevision of Giant, but the owner of Giant does road racing.  

30 Sep 2006 02:47
my mountain bike is a giant  

30 Sep 2006 03:50
You want a cookie or somthing?  

30 Sep 2006 04:46
no its just you mentioned giant before  

30 Sep 2006 15:24
you can get a descent DK bike for about 300  

05 Oct 2006 17:13

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