Sore Wrists

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Fuzzy Rider
.... I was just riding bunny hopping curbs and stuff for about 1 hour and my wrists are killing me when i rotate them they just kill... why is this? anybody suffer the same problem?  

22 Sep 2006 05:21
Strain from jerking up more then 100lbs probably.  

22 Sep 2006 23:14
i popped out my wrist once in baltimore and now it always pops out, its annoying and it hurts. i can bend it as far back i can the other one any first permanent injury!!  

26 Sep 2006 23:29
my hands just get torn up and get caluses all over em  

27 Sep 2006 02:38
doing what? does you skins get scabbed or what?  

27 Sep 2006 16:32
no just like one layer of skin...ever peel skin of the tips of your fingers?like that  

28 Sep 2006 01:17
OHH, callous is the right spelling then. that stuff would happen alot but not much anymore  

28 Sep 2006 02:44
i started riding about a month ago so i thought it would go away  

28 Sep 2006 04:46
Callouses will never go away; they will just get bigger and bigger. No way of getting around it. Even wearing gloves wont fully stop callouses from growing.  

30 Sep 2006 01:07
ive had cllouses since i was like 4 and i still have them to this day  

30 Sep 2006 01:08
mine were getting kind of big, but then i stopped hanging from polls and stuff which is how i got they kind of went away, but now theyre coming back. they look swollen  

30 Sep 2006 02:40
I have them all over my right hand. They don't bother me anymore. Between guitar and bmx, my left hand is just one giant callous.  

30 Sep 2006 02:45
theyre kinda cool, i can burn then and spoke then with needles and it doesnt hurt  

30 Sep 2006 05:11
That's what I like about callouses, besides the fact that it's easier to play guitar.

Metal working is so much easier, and it sure is awsome to be able to pull a pan out of a 450* oven without being burnt with just your hand.  

30 Sep 2006 05:39
yeah that would rock  

30 Sep 2006 15:22
it does, i dont get burned at the table picking up pans and stuff while my mom and dad are like "owe, fuck!!"  

30 Sep 2006 22:47
lol. Only times I will not touch somthing are at at places that serve food in cast iron.  

01 Oct 2006 02:27

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