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As a newbie, I'v bought the wrong bmx. A mongoose pro MX trials, it weighs loads compaired to my mates basic diamond-back. I cant afford to sell it but really want to make it alot lighter. I use it for learning freestyle tricks at "Rampworx" skate park in Liverpool, UK.

Is the extra weight in the frame or the other components? Would a Mongoose villan frame (freestyle frame) be lighter than my current frame? Theres one on ebay really really cheap.

Am I best getting a light weight alloy frame? I'v seen a FMF Junior Expert racing on ebay at a cheap price. Is this frame suitable?

Am I better keeping the original frame and replacing the parts, like one piece crank, handle bars and forks (again, theres a very cheap "volume middle weight" fork on ebay. Also found a Mc Neil seat & post comb that is very light weight.

All and any advice would be great.


24 Sep 2006 22:39
orite mate im from ya money dont buy anything mongoose its shite.....ive had bad experiences in the past save ure money and buy a decent frame summit like fit or hoffman there rider owned companys and genrllly better stuff....ebay is good sumtimes but alans or extreame direct is better and very cheap considering they are veryr good components...  

25 Sep 2006 02:30
Wait, you bought a sport? How the hell did you a bmx?

P.S. It's called a bike.

Nothing will make your mongoose a better bike. There is no really good Mongoose stuff besides the special frames their pro's ride.  

25 Sep 2006 02:39
if you replace all of the mongoose parts with non-mongoose parts itll be a good bike. but usually thats called buying a new bike then building it part by part...  

25 Sep 2006 16:13
Thanks for your replies and helpfull answers.

25 Sep 2006 23:12
lmao, you really think i was trying to be helpful?  

26 Sep 2006 04:22
weell i guess you could practice on that bike (it being heavy) then ride on a liter bike and it would seem easyer maybe  

26 Sep 2006 04:25
Hey Bobe, no, I did'nt think you where being helpfull!! I was being sarcastic!!!

Thanks dubl a ron, you could be onto something there, but at only 12, the weight thing is really holding me back (or least I thought it was the weight).

Went into my local shop after school today, and he said its not a weight thing but its a geometory thing as a trails is longer than a freestyle. I'v found a mongoose villian frame, so will try using that. If this dude is right, hopfully get loads more fun.  

26 Sep 2006 21:56
well get uswd to a heavy bike like me and then change to a lighter bike..(mongoose to a hoffman for me)  

27 Sep 2006 02:40
ok save the extra money you would buy the new parts with, and get a whole new bike cause mongoose sucks  

05 Oct 2006 17:16
hoffman all the way...with primo pegs carnks and petals  

06 Oct 2006 01:27
my bike be rollen on dubs.  

20 Oct 2006 22:15

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