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Fuzzy Rider
Hello, while searching through the forums i found alot of "how do you bunny hop threads" so since i'm bored i will explain all the techniques and movment about the Bunny Hop..

1st. choose what type of bunny hop you want to learn The Professional Jump. Or the normal one,

Normal hop. There are 3 simple movements to this bunny hop 'compress' which is self explained 'pull up' again which is self explained and 'level out' is done by pushing forward to level out the bike

First you want to practise pulling up and getting the feeling of compressing for tyre preasure. Bend your arms and knees lean back while spring your body up forward now put it all together.

Pull up so hard the back wheel goes off the ground while bending ur knees ( if your knees arnt bent you have no hope for getting your back wheel off the ground because your putting all your weight on the back wheel ( we're not looking for a 2 feet lift) we are only looking for about 8 - 1 feet inches for a beginer. now as soon as u feel your back wheel is off the ground. quickly level out by pushing forward this will bring your back wheel higher off the ground and level out your back wheel. you will hop very high if you lifted the bike up propally and compressed.

Professional hop- Now as you see from the name you dont need to be a professional to master this hop it is simple.

Three parts to it compress, pull up , back push/pull. and level out

Pull up - As said in the normal hop
Back pushpull- try to learn this seperatly before doing it, put all your weight forward and straighten your arms, angle your feet vertical while your pedals are horizontal to the ground now push down, up and forward in one motion.

Put all this together remember it all has to be done in less than 1 second so no time to think... ( while putting it together)

I hope this has helped a few people.  

26 Sep 2006 03:58
all i have to do is when i get the front front in the air i just kinda lean forward and it just pops up  

26 Sep 2006 04:28
All I have to say is...I feel stupider after reading that.

P.S. No such thing as a "normal" hop, "professional" hop, and Hell, I can fucking manual for 10 seconds then hop from the rear tire and it can be considered a j-hop. Yoru statement of it needing to be done in less then 1 second is intierly false.  

26 Sep 2006 05:05
Fuzzy Rider
not everyone can manual  

26 Sep 2006 07:15
lmao the pro bunny hop and the normal bunny hop  

26 Sep 2006 18:20
hopping out of a manual is always something i sucked at  

26 Sep 2006 23:27
i like landing stuff in a manuel like no footers out of a quarter  

27 Sep 2006 02:39
guy u cant do that  

27 Sep 2006 06:14
because its hard  

27 Sep 2006 16:31
i can manuel out of it for like 3 seconds...its really easy to to me  

28 Sep 2006 04:55
ya ok there lol  

28 Sep 2006 19:18
LlOyD's just mad cause hes got no where to bike  

28 Sep 2006 20:11
i really need to find my goddamn camera  

29 Sep 2006 01:10
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29 Sep 2006 13:21
wtf guy just leave  

30 Sep 2006 01:07
is that even english?  

30 Sep 2006 02:41
Doesn't seem like it.  

30 Sep 2006 02:43
he didnt even make a new thread  

30 Sep 2006 03:52
my iq is getting lower...  

30 Sep 2006 05:12
Wait, is it even possible for your IQ to drop to a lower level? :P  

30 Sep 2006 05:38
isnt it if you hit your head hard alot?  

30 Sep 2006 15:23
youre such a little kid...

i read this thread and now im stupider cause the poster is a noob  

30 Sep 2006 22:48

That was a joke towards Bobe on him not being able to drop his IQ level because it's already rock bottom. lol

Silly children. w00t! I can technically say that now. I'm pretty much of legal age. Fuck yea!  

01 Oct 2006 02:29
I r bored out of mind!!!  

09 Oct 2006 19:13
wow spam much?  

09 Oct 2006 19:17
Spam a shit load!!!!  

09 Oct 2006 19:38
on your chest?

ps i can feel my IQ dropping  

09 Oct 2006 19:48
devil me
please help me bunny hop i can't raise the fuckin rear tire. even when i raise the front wheel i lose control so please help me

p.s try to make it clear  

19 Dec 2006 19:26
i cant land in a manual its Mpossible  

07 Apr 2007 09:28

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