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r girl boards any good?  

27 Sep 2006 04:38
ive never riden one before, get one and tell me if they are even though im not ever planning on getting one ever  

27 Sep 2006 16:34
nah man, don't get one. My buddy had one and it snapped like a twig.  

28 Sep 2006 00:25
yeah, get an alien workshop instead  

28 Sep 2006 02:49
well i mostly ride element and popwar i was just thinking abolut trying a girl but from wut youll say i changed my mind lol  

28 Sep 2006 04:19
yeah i ride element...i want to get bone swiss(bearings)  

28 Sep 2006 04:50
no god damn it, alien workshop  

28 Sep 2006 18:24
my friend had a girl one time i think it snapped pretty fast and i think it was pretty wide  

28 Sep 2006 19:21
ight well imma check out alien workshop------oh and blind boards are really good to i have one that has lasted ever since i started skateing and it hadnt broke yet!!!!!!!!  

29 Sep 2006 00:48
yeah my friend had a girl said i was crap it sounded really dull to like it had been water logged even though it was brand new  

14 Oct 2006 13:06
i bought an alien workshop out of ccs like two days ago, its pretty good, ive already given it like 3 pressure cracks from olling down stairs and stuff, but its still a kick@ss board  

14 Oct 2006 17:43

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