bearings, wheels, frames how do they affect skating?

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im trying to pick up aggressive skating. i used to do like recreational skating and i never got about to learn these stuffs about the bearings and all.
so now i just wna learn like,
how i know which bearing is for what kinda skates or how do they affect my skating?
in fact, what are the bearings for?
and like how would i know what wheels to choose, etc.

would really appreciate lotsa info!
preferable infomation overload! hahaha. (:

28 Sep 2006 18:14
im not the greatest source of info but i know the higher the abec rating the faster u shud be able to go but wen i skated years ago it used to be if u got a higher abec rating u had to replace them more often becuz they wer not as sturdy wen it came to jumping and stuff thyey wud get bent inside but nowadays im sure they have fixed that problem hope i helped  

11 Oct 2006 18:03
i've been skating for round-a-bouts 13 years now. ad i've learnt aot.
The ABEC of a bearing these days doesn't make you go any faster, the higher the ABEC the smoother the bearing is to ride.

wheels do efffect skating for aggressive the best sizes are the bigger sizes.

the lighter the frames thesmoother and faster the skates frames DO effect speed. i've found that cores, mooks & bullets seem to be the fastest. i'm currently skatin sum mooks 1.9 an they're the smoothest iv ever skated.
i hope i've helped  

05 Feb 2007 12:40

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