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Fuzzy Rider
Blind Cross Bar Complete or alien workshop Tweed?  

01 Oct 2006 04:43
alien workshop tweed...bobe will say that too  

01 Oct 2006 06:16
Fuzzy Rider
whats wrong with crossbar?  

01 Oct 2006 06:39
nuthin really just alien workshop kick @SS!!!!  

01 Oct 2006 07:18
alien workshop, alien workshop until you die!!

blinds are pretty cheaps, they dont really theyve stayed in business is beyond me.  

01 Oct 2006 21:21
Fuzzy Rider
All of the X band shaman series of alien workshop look horible , Bobe which series did u buy??? and which one looks more manly outa the shaman x ban constrc serieS?  

02 Oct 2006 08:39
Fuzzy Rider
Holy Shit I Just Bought AW Kichart Veritas Small.... Its Totally Awesome Its Really Light And Snaps Up Pretty Easy Thanks Bobe  

02 Oct 2006 11:12
i got the esoteric, but i just broke it last lasted me 1.5 years, really good stuff! this is the deck i had...


02 Oct 2006 15:39
where do youll usually get your decks or complete board i usually get my decks from ebay (FREAKING CHEAP AS HELL) and i get my completes from ccs or the main website for the board i want  

03 Oct 2006 00:32
[QUOTE=bobe]alien workshop, alien workshop until you die!!

blinds are pretty cheaps, they dont really theyve stayed in business is beyond me.[/QUOTE]
prolly cause of cool designs on the deck  

03 Oct 2006 03:19
i got my alien workshop two summers ago at woodward...i got my alien workshop before that at charm city skatepark in baltimore.  

04 Oct 2006 16:14
are world industry boards anygood  

05 Oct 2006 01:07
Hells No!!! Never  

05 Oct 2006 04:29
u can liek buy world industries at like canadian tire and toys r us now  

05 Oct 2006 04:55
Go with the blind... blind is the best wood ive ever ridden!!  

05 Oct 2006 18:07
i think blind element and flip are the best boards out there!!!!!!!!!  

05 Oct 2006 23:59
element and flip....i wanna start making my own skateboards...that would be cool  

06 Oct 2006 01:32
well then youre both extremely bad at skating if you like element because their shitty prodiucts will not help you get better at skating, they suck and stop your skill increase...  

06 Oct 2006 05:52
no they i like them and thats wut im sticking wit  

06 Oct 2006 06:20
go with powell mini logo, there cheap and have good pop and concave  

06 Oct 2006 07:39
i also like flips and almost  

07 Oct 2006 04:18
i wanna an alien workshop but all my cash is going into my guitar (guitar=219$ and 25watt amp=200$  

07 Oct 2006 04:30
my cash is going to my epiphone 250 bucks, already got an amp  

07 Oct 2006 20:14
i love epiphones...mine got a wammy bar and tremmalo lock...its all black...its peavey  

08 Oct 2006 01:32
although...i just saw a custom made crestwood delixe in red....its flippin schweet. i just dont have $3,000 laying around though  

08 Oct 2006 05:34
i do.......sux dont it..  

08 Oct 2006 08:05

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