Omg so sexy (2 pound frame)

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[url][/url] some retard wrecks it doing a 180 into fakie or w/e.  

04 Oct 2006 19:47
wut r u talking about he doesnt wreck it  

05 Oct 2006 02:12
yay, i could actually watch it cause im stealing my neighbors dsl line on my new sexy laptop!!!  

05 Oct 2006 04:20
For the person to actualy wreck a titanium frame by only doing a 180, somthing must have been wrong with the frame, and that frame is not trashed. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.  

05 Oct 2006 05:58
i know this guys an idiot  

05 Oct 2006 06:52
that wasnt so bad. that bike is sweet though. i bet my fat ass would break it though. if i had cash to burn i'd get the bars and cranks for sure. I got the same type of bars only not titanium. I could hop about 2 or 3 inches higher as soon as I put them on. They only weigh half as much as my old sledghammers, but i'm pretty sure it wasnt the weight that helped me, it was going from a 8 to a 7 inch rise. I cut two inches off my old bars and these new ones were a half inch less than those. sweet. i havent bent them yet either and i bail alot.  

05 Oct 2006 07:26
by wreck i meant whipeout  

05 Oct 2006 16:39
Crashing is not wrecking a bike.  

05 Oct 2006 18:42
well that is why i corrected myself  

05 Oct 2006 18:45
Yeah that's why he corrected himself!!!  

09 Oct 2006 19:51
that was retarded he just said that dumbass  

10 Oct 2006 02:06
mason stop spamming and i will stop with you, deal?  

10 Oct 2006 18:53
WTF?!?!? Since when am I spamming... If I was spamming, I would be soliciting shit with links.  

10 Oct 2006 18:56
no, we spam alot  

10 Oct 2006 18:58
yeah you guys are qworse than i am  

11 Oct 2006 02:20
Gotta love that sprocket. Looks like a 25 and it's nice and fat. Good 3-peice and that frame would kick-ass with a decent paint job. 2 pounds would get you easily double peg grinding on high rails and probably quite alot of air out of kicks and stuff too but like that guy said, it's not something invincible.  

11 Oct 2006 14:22
that was mutha fuckin Leigh Ramsdell (or however you spell it!) the original bmx hessian! A true bmx legend. Pro vert rider, super awesome street back in the day, runs the comps..... Runs the bmx shit at eastern!  

20 Oct 2006 22:11
that name sounds very familiar....leigh ramsdell. where do i know him from  

21 Oct 2006 04:54

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