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do youll prefer skateboarding to be called a sport or a art  

05 Oct 2006 03:39
things in skateboarding are art, like deck graphics and tagging shit, spraypainting but itself is a sport  

05 Oct 2006 04:27
skateboarding itself though is a sport to me  

06 Oct 2006 01:34
graffiti and skating are like 2 diffrent things really it just happens that alot of skaters tag stuff the only think i see as artistic in skate boarding its the creativity in street skaters and the rodney mullens stuff is pretty artistic i guess there was a guy on the news who passed off skate boarding as art and got paid buy the gorvernment for being an aspiring artist or something just like those up coming young athletes get paid  

14 Oct 2006 11:53
yea i seen that on fuel tv the other day, i was pretty cool. but i do prefer skateing as an art not a sport  

14 Oct 2006 17:44
what channel is it??( for sattalite)  

14 Oct 2006 20:01
if u have direc way its 612 if u got satellite i have no i dead just go to your guide and look lol  

14 Oct 2006 20:38
you can watch fuel tv on the internet.  

15 Oct 2006 07:14

15 Oct 2006 22:43

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