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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B][/B][/FONT]... to ride BMX snd be a skateboarder at the same time???  

09 Oct 2006 19:04
well if its possble to be a loser and cool at the same time  

09 Oct 2006 19:05
I like them both, Hamp!!!!!!  

09 Oct 2006 19:34
No it is not, but you will loose a signifigant amount of respect from both skateboarders and BMXers. Granted, that is IF you had any to begin with.  

09 Oct 2006 22:36
i do both..bobe does both i think...people dont have a problem with me  

10 Oct 2006 02:01
my skating amigos dont know i do dirt jumps, and i dont care if they did or not.  

10 Oct 2006 04:59
lol... Why do skateboarders and bmxer's hate each other? IDK but i still hate skateboarders.  

10 Oct 2006 18:57
I don't hate either seeing as i do both but i don't think were different we both do the same thing were both thrill seekers and were all in this for fun  

10 Oct 2006 18:59
BMX fucking rules

skating is ok

but everyone has a bike, but not everyone has a board  

10 Oct 2006 19:02
I know a couple kids who are really good at skating and pretty good at bmx. If you really want respect, you will do whatever you want.  

20 Oct 2006 22:08
I do both but BMX is so much better its not even funny skating doesnt take half the skill BMX does  

04 Nov 2006 03:11
bmx is harder in some aspects and easier in others like bmx is harder in flat land but easyer goin off jumps and landing aand its easyer bunnyhoppintg than ollieing  

04 Nov 2006 04:11
i ride bmx and i mess around on skateboard as a joke anyway no one cares ppl where im from onli diss like shit riders and kids and inliners coz they sit on our sub box
yea it aint a crime  

24 Dec 2006 22:12
why dont you jusy not be friends if you have problems, say somethin to their faces, i ride bmx, but honestly id expect a skater to say something to someones face before i would a bmx'er
just saying  

07 Apr 2007 09:30

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