wat tha?

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hay, tis my first post and i got a new haro f3. 2day i was riding wen i realised that on tha top of tha frame unda tha seat there was a sticker which said this bike is not for jumping, stunting, bmx competitions bla bla bla and i was wondering y it said that wen this is a freestyle bmx made for jumping? :?  

29 Dec 2003 07:05
Welcome to the boards! :wink:
Could be to cover their asses in case something bad happens when you're jumping, stunting... etc.  

29 Dec 2003 15:04
yer it is so if u brake anyfin on dat bike say ur forks then they wont replace it and u cant sew em if u hurt urself  

18 Feb 2004 23:19

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