I keep breaking boards...

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B][/B][/FONT]Yeah, It sucks major donkey balls... I broke 2 baoards in a week.  

16 Oct 2006 19:15
birdhouse is hard to break evem though it sucks  

16 Oct 2006 19:22
yea but birdhouses are for vert thats why there thick and heavy.......get a popwar they'll last u a lang time unless your one of those ppl who get frustrated and throw there board and stuff  

16 Oct 2006 23:57
Im gunna give popwar a go even though i dont like theire graphics -_- theyll scrap off in about a week so its not really important or i might try black label  

17 Oct 2006 15:18
[QUOTE=BMXSK8R][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B][/B][/FONT]Yeah, It sucks major donkey balls... I broke 2 baoards in a week.[/QUOTE]
what kind of boards were they....my7 old wal-mart board never lost its pop and and almost put it through hell lol i went bridge jumpping with it it was so cool lol...that why i dont have it nymore lol  

18 Oct 2006 03:07
popwar kicks @ss dude, there so durable, u can put them threw hell and u wont get but like 1 or 2 pressure cracks  

18 Oct 2006 05:33
i was just reading the review for it at skateboard-city lol thats the only reason im getting one bobe endorses alien work shop so much and the guy that reviewed also reviewed aws and said he prefered popwar lol the only problem is i need to order it and the guy said theres ones that have decent concave and theres flater boards i want one with concave thats 7.5" if i get a bad shaped board with no concave ill freak lol oh and to the guy that keeps snapping his board lol your probaly landing on the kicks to much or something try landing on the bolts -_- my friend is like 6"2 and a size 14 shoe or something (really tall) and he refuses to buy a longer wider board lol hes riding round on these skinny little boards like 7.75 and hes got no room to spread his legs out over the board so hes always landing on the kicks  

19 Oct 2006 14:02
omg finally someone agrees with me lol  

20 Oct 2006 00:44
i jusyt got new bearings!!!! abec 7's  

20 Oct 2006 02:48
wut are the best bearings u can get?  

20 Oct 2006 04:26
the best bearings are bones ceramic labyrnth...but youll spend more then 100 dollars to get your grimy little paws on them.  

20 Oct 2006 04:48
oh well dude it will be worth it  

21 Oct 2006 00:50
bones swiss....the new ones cost 85$  

21 Oct 2006 02:32

21 Oct 2006 04:38
thats a lie, they cost like 40 dollars. and the super swiss 6 balls are 45 dollars.  

21 Oct 2006 04:57
so which is the best????  

21 Oct 2006 18:24
i checked on CCS like 2 weeks ago and it was like 80$  

21 Oct 2006 20:00
fine ill get both then test both then post which one is better  

21 Oct 2006 23:59
youre insane, youll spend more on bearings then the actual board.  

22 Oct 2006 00:52
i didnt buy em hell no lol  

22 Oct 2006 01:19
yea well. i have alot of maney saved up over the past 4 1/2 years so im putting it to good use lol  

22 Oct 2006 03:17
thats still a waste, just get element swiss, theyre good.  

22 Oct 2006 10:32
ight thanx  

22 Oct 2006 18:03
yeah or get 1 set of bones swiss instead of 2 that wouldent be a waste really lol oh yeah and im not entirley sure but i think there is better bearings out there but theire not meant for skateboards, theyd work its just that that isnt theire original purpose  

24 Oct 2006 16:50
bearing that anre for skatboarding...arent for skateboarding. they dont all fit in the wheels and they wont be able to last the strain of skating with bearing puts on them.  

24 Oct 2006 23:38
i know you didnt buy them, you werent even talking about bearings!!! stop trying to get your post count up.  

24 Oct 2006 23:39
dude w/e i just bought some off of ccs.....element swiss bearings, and abec 7's  

25 Oct 2006 00:42
dont listen to those abec ratings, they dont mean anything. and i wasnt talking to you, i was talking to aaron.  

25 Oct 2006 00:54
oh i thought that was how they wee how they were like measured  

25 Oct 2006 02:08
oh ight...  

25 Oct 2006 02:26
lol yeah it's how theire rated abec: american bearing something something??? lol but im not sure if it judges how much resistance the bearing has (how fast it will go) or just the quality and they tend to be wrong anyway ive seen abec 3's faster then abec 7's  

25 Oct 2006 13:14
[QUOTE=heart-A-gram]oh ight...[/QUOTE]

will you shut the fuck up and stop crap like thatm "ight......." what the hell does it do?? i dont want to know if you read my post or not, so shut up.

abec ratings mean nothing, theyre stupid.  

25 Oct 2006 19:16
i was F****** TALKING about what u said earlier u f****** faggot  

26 Oct 2006 00:50

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