Good BMX jumps in Mebourne

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Andy Dee
They Jumps in Melbourne which i no are :
Kamp Meadows in Broady net to da sko0l
The jumps in tulla next to a footy oval nd factroys
Around the Kengsinton sk8park nd dats all  

17 Oct 2006 12:58
ok, why are you telling me this?  

17 Oct 2006 15:35
yeah i dont even know where that is  

18 Oct 2006 02:03
i know where melbourne is there is a small place but pretty crap its in berwick and narre warren  

12 Nov 2006 12:42
what? the guy said mebourne, not melbourne  

13 Nov 2006 01:43
where the hell is melbourne?  

04 Dec 2006 17:54
i cant stand these stupid kids these days.

melbourne, about as far south as you can go in australia. its by victoria....  

04 Dec 2006 23:24
well im sorry i don't live in australia  

07 Dec 2006 17:28
i dont either but lazy americans gotta learn stuff about the other parts of the world too.  

08 Dec 2006 02:10
Someone help me with dropping in please ok get back at me  

29 Dec 2006 06:55
someone help me with a droppin  

29 Dec 2006 06:57
a way of doing it is popping a nose manuel in front of the coping and rolling in....otherwise level out your pedals and roll in on an angle  

04 Jan 2007 04:29
drop in from the side and lift you back wheel if the ramp goes to vert


04 Jan 2007 16:03

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