my sweet @ss weekend

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I drove to weschester PA over the weekend and i freakin got to talk to BAM MARGERA it was fu***** awsome...he gave me a tip about balance! so imma share it with " you all " ight pop it into a primo stall and practice flipping it, and jump in 180's but the board has to stay still...once ur able to jump and flip the board and keep it on the wheels..and its been workign for me my manuals and how i land on the boards after tricks have gottan a whole lot better  

18 Oct 2006 04:22
yeah well this weekend i am heading up to milwaukee so i can skate a really nice 1 1/2 year old mini pipe i am so fucking excited  

18 Oct 2006 05:53
ive never been to milwuakee but i did go to utah they have some awsome freakin skateparks and alot of bowls and empied round pools  

18 Oct 2006 06:10
Fuzzy Rider
sorry to be such a retart but wtf is a primo?? ( im new )  

18 Oct 2006 10:12
when you stand on the rail of your board...well its actually the subarbs of milwaukee...i might go to waukesha too  

18 Oct 2006 23:48
just go to [url][/url] it will show u almost very flatland move there is it also has a bunch of starter info for newbs  

19 Oct 2006 04:03

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