so i got ahold of a camera

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so i got ahold of a camera and since it was cold out i was gonna do some noob tricks and joltk is in there and a little dude named gaving so we were just jumping some little stuff so there you go

[URL=""][/URL] me kinda screwing up a landing

[IMG][/IMG]me going into an x-up

me messing up completely

[IMG][/IMG]thats joltk jumping a soda can lol

[IMG][/IMG]thats me on the bike jumping gavin

[IMG][/IMG]thats me jumping one of the old style milk cans

[IMG][/IMG]thats gcen jumping 2 boards(cuz thats all we had with us)

[IMG][/IMG]thats gavin just doing a jump

[IMG][/IMG]thats jolt getting stuck under his bike

[IMG][/IMG]thats me doing a test jump

[IMG][/IMG]thats jolt flying onto his face.....thats the pictures we got  

24 Oct 2006 03:04
All I have to say is, I feel deeply sorry for your parents.

They should really have invested in a better condom brand.  

24 Oct 2006 03:57
yeah i am one ugly ass kid lol  

24 Oct 2006 04:23
i am the kid with the short hair...and theres kids worse than me HAHAHAHAHA  

24 Oct 2006 04:24
I was refering to the fact that you have no sense of athletic ability that compares to how you talk of how great you are, but sinse you mentioned the fact that you are "one ugly kid", that just gives me 2 reasons to feel bad for your parents.  

24 Oct 2006 06:07
lol, the kid in picture 8 is looking at the camera. and none of that is really looks fun though. i though take out my old ramp  

24 Oct 2006 23:36
yeah it was freeking cold out...but it was pretty fun...then again theres no tracks or dirt jumping areas...the paved that construction site i used to ride  

25 Oct 2006 02:07
cold weather is better then sweating, i hate summer  

25 Oct 2006 04:58
true that!!  

25 Oct 2006 19:00
summer fucking pwns i hate winter  

26 Oct 2006 01:41
its too hot in the summer. i like spring and fall more then winter cause theyre just right. 60-70f is perfect temp  

26 Oct 2006 02:34
Yea it's finally somewhat nice here for a few days. 10*C feels like summer compared whats its been like for the past few weeks, but I usually like it about 20*C  

26 Oct 2006 22:31

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