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what company makes the lightest trucks, at the moment ive got independent's stage 9 i think and theire fairly heavy im getting new ones cause they axels have worn down and theres barley enough room for the nuts to sit on with out crushing the bearings, lol and what the hell is the go with krux velvet trucks o.o Velvet?! why would any one want velvet trucks?  

25 Oct 2006 15:51
because kruz like to be different, theyve got trucks that look like wood too.

and this is a noobish question but ill answer it. destructos are the longest lasting and lightest trucks available. dont spend an extra five bucks on trucks because they have bams name on them too.  

25 Oct 2006 19:12
i know youll are gonna call me a noob and shit but wut is a stage like stage 9 and stuff?  

26 Oct 2006 04:10
lol stage 9 is the model of truck  

26 Oct 2006 11:10
stage 9 is just a name, all trucks are the same.

and its a noobish question just like, "how do i make my bike lighter" is a noobish question. they think itll help them ollie higher when is really just does nothing.  

26 Oct 2006 17:06
ight it wsa just a qustion no reason to wig out  

27 Oct 2006 00:01
my problem is finding trucks that dont break............i have core trucks now and the are pretty strong  

27 Oct 2006 02:52
[QUOTE=heart-A-gram]ight it wsa just a qustion no reason to wig out[/QUOTE]

ok, ill say this in a way youll be able to understand it...

hey yo hommie, you aint gotta be doggin on me slim. yous best be watchin yo back cuz ima steal you holmes.

will you shut up with that street talk, i dont think youre cool because your pants are falling down everywhere you go.  

27 Oct 2006 03:39
im not a fucking wigger i dont wear baggy pants i wear ccs skater pants, i dont talk gangster or any of that shit i say ight and wiggin out and thats fucking it, IM NOT A FUCKING WIGGER OR NIGGER so quit calling me that god damnit  

27 Oct 2006 03:54
your talking like it dumbass  

27 Oct 2006 06:04
no im fucking not, all i fuckin say is "ight" or wiggin and thats fucking it  

27 Oct 2006 06:27
yeah i only say that when i am makin fun of gangstas lol......  

28 Oct 2006 04:23
but im not a gangster, wangster, wigger, or nigger im a white skater  

28 Oct 2006 05:13
you dont think a lighter board would make a diffrence at all?  

28 Oct 2006 16:31

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