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i was skateing in a park not skatepark but local park, and i went down the slide. the slide is about 10 feet high point and 3 foint low point.
1 1
1----- <---top of slide
1 ---- <--bottom of slide
------------ -------- <----edge of ground

That's basically how the slide is and yes that vert, i went down and tried to ollie off the bottom,over the edge of the ground and on to the street, well i screwed up and on the way down my board came out from under me and i fell off the slide and came straight down on my neck on the tail of the baord, it nocked my adams apple back and forth then it broke a ligament in my neck, hurt like hell...........wut is your worst wipe out  

27 Oct 2006 02:41
well the slide didnt come out how i had it but its really vert and it goes down then drops to the ground then about 2 feet out is the edge of the ground then 3 feet down is the road so its basically a pretty sweet gap if u hit it right  

27 Oct 2006 02:43
ok i was doing a handplant on a ramp and i slipped and tore open my face  

27 Oct 2006 02:49
im not sure what my worst wipe out would be....if were talking pain, i have aot. injury, not so many.  

27 Oct 2006 03:34
both it dont really matter just wut heart u the most and how cool it was doing it  

27 Oct 2006 03:56
ive never really hurt myself very bad im fairly cautious my worst stack would probaly be the first time i tried dropping into a ramp which went over vert, I pushed down on the nose to hard then belly flopped 8 - 9 feet to flat ground either that or i was trying to fire cracker a 5 and bailed and jumped down the whole set then landed on my ankle crooked lol my friends have had worse one tried ollieing onto a ledge going as fast as he could he made it onto the ledge but his front foot slipped off and he started running so he didnt fall over lol then for some reason he jumped off the ledge did a barrel roll and landed on his back  

28 Oct 2006 16:29
messing up and landing in the splits are the coolest bails  

28 Oct 2006 20:04
lol nuh boards snapping mid slide are the coolest check out the Zero new blood dvd i think its in garrette hills part.  

30 Oct 2006 13:07
i snapped my board going down some stairs and i did a split, i wish i had video  

30 Oct 2006 23:51
its always funny to se someone boardslide a rails and the board breaks and the get their balls racked  

31 Oct 2006 06:36
ight its kinda hard to describe but imma try......ight i was skating in town and theres this 17 set that goes down from hastings parking lot to our movies theatre its a huge slop and it has a rail down the side and a launch pad by it well i ollied up and tried to 50-50 then switch into boardslide (harder than it sounds) and when i went to transfer my board stopped and i started trying to jump of my board...well my board came out from under me and i came straight down on the rail..and then landed in the thorn bush with 1 1/2 thorns on hurt BAD lol  

31 Oct 2006 06:43
Fuzzy Rider
i was learning how to grind on a rail right but then the board sliped behind me on the rail and i almost broke my nose i had to get like 3 stitches  

08 Nov 2006 10:00
50-50 to boardslide is the most basic transfer there is, and its not hard to do. why do oyu try going crooked to nosebluntslide, thats tough.  

09 Nov 2006 07:33

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