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hello there
what would be a good bike for me to start with money isnt really the problem i weigh about 120 lbs. i want to do freestyle.i was thinkign diamondback or gt comp not really sure tho i want to do  

02 Nov 2006 06:58
If money doesn't matter, just get what ever you want.  

02 Nov 2006 17:23
what ever your comfterable on  

02 Nov 2006 17:34
cept dont get a mngoose or a next  

03 Nov 2006 06:36
Jolt K
I need to get a bike for under a hundred bucks what cheap bikes that are good are there!!!!!!! Please reply  

03 Nov 2006 23:27
Good luck finding that ... try ebay i got mine for 120 brand new...its a Free Agent its a sick bike....but with shippin it costs bout 150 so....but thats the cheapiest i could find  

04 Nov 2006 03:05
giot my hoffman for 100$  

04 Nov 2006 04:11
get whatever suits you best, and what ever is made for what you are doing. (flatland, dirt jumping, freestyle) Just don't buy Schwinn, Mongoose, or Next. OR ESPECIALY A WAL-MART BIKE.  

04 Dec 2006 18:27

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